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The adductor/abductor machine: a scam aimed at women | Fit and Feminist
A woman's rant against abductor/adductor machines (well duh, it doesn't do spot reduction; nothing does). But exercising on it (no details about sets/reps/weight) didn't give her as much definition as rack squats.
gym  equipment  machines 
10 days ago by dandv
Waterproof & Breathable Fabric
UK  Online  Fabrics  Textile  Shop  Store  Equipment  DIY 
13 days ago by zeba
Grounded Coffee Book
Grounded Coffee Book is a home brewing coffee cookbook that teaches expert
barista techniques for making delicious coffee at home.
coffee  books  equipment  store 
14 days ago by robnero
B&H Photo and Video
This is the same B&H I used to order from before the internet.
equipment  supplies  photo  video  camera 
16 days ago by Cloudwalker

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