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kekland/equinox: Flutter UI library based on Eva Design System ✨
Flutter UI library based on Eva Design System ✨. Contribute to kekland/equinox development by creating an account on GitHub.
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7 days ago by tranqy
RT : Today is the – when day and night are equal. This 2,600-year-old tablet reported an equinox to the Assyria…
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september 2018 by John-Dobbin
RT : Today is the – when day and night are equal. This 2,600-year-old tablet reported an equinox to the Assyria…
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september 2018 by dyma
This particular is definitely for the gob-banned raccoons.

"Raccoon rattles our dumpster lid,
Coyote prow…
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september 2018 by uche
2019 Chevrolet Equinox Redesign, Interior and Release Date
The 2019 Chevrolet Equinox will get two new exterior colors and those are Pacific Blue Metallic and Kinetic Blue Tooth. Inside the cabin, the new Chevy will
2019  Chevrolet  Equinox 
september 2018 by LuxuryCarsReport
Seeing Equinoxes and Solstices from Space : Image of the Day
The four changes of the seasons, related to the position of sunlight on the planet, are captured in this view from Earth orbit.
phenology  equinox  Earth  space  images  Earth_Science 
april 2018 by n2teaching
The dumb-bell economy: inside the booming business of exercise
FEBRUARY 9, 2018 | FT | Jo Ellison.

Where once consumers looked for acquisitions to express their status, our spending habits are shifting towards more holistic expenditures. In the past 20 years, the leisure industry has emerged as one of the most dynamic, disruptive and fashionable of forces. It’s all part of a new focus on the “lifestyle experience”, a trend that has possessed consumers and found luxury brands spiking with sporty new offerings — sneakers, leggings, apps and accessories — designed to harness the burgeoning market. As Harvey Spevak, the executive chairman and managing partner of the Equinox group, likes to say: “Health is the new wealth.”
.....2019 will see the first Equinox hotel opening in New York’s Hudson Yards, the first in a rollout of Equinox hotels earmarked for billions more in investment. The hotels will be founded on the same full-service ideal as the clubs. “Our vision for the hotels is to cater to the high-performance traveller,” says Spevak, “and we think about it as we do, historically, from a science perspective. We call it MNR — movement, nutrition and recovery — where a high-performance lifestyle and a healthy lifestyle is a three-legged stool.”.....as our lives have become busier, atomised and more urban, the gym has emerged as the new place in which to gather: to be part of a community....not only are millennials more likely to buy gym memberships, they’re driving the boutique business as well. The rise of the group workout, club membership and all of the attendant accessories that come with it have become part of the new language of “wellness”......Where you work out, who you work out with, and what you wear to work out in have become totems of fashionability. Spevak traces the first shoots of the wellness trend to 9/11, when he saw a jump in the number of people becoming focused on holistic health and taking care of themselves.
....But more than anything, the fitness boom must be a corollary of a digital revolution in which working out has become a ubiquitous feature of our online life; ....Minton agrees that a gym’s success depends on cultivating this tribal loyalty, delivering a unique experience and then selling product that marks its members out. “Some of the most interesting clubs are those that are expanding into less obvious areas,” he says. “We now have over 600 boutiques across the UK and they are growing faster than traditional gyms as they have a smaller footprint and can take pop-up spaces.......The experiential market is throwing a lifeline to retailers, as well. “The fashion link is growing,” adds Minton. “Fitness apparel brands like Lululemon, Sweaty Betty, Reebok, Nike all now offer free in-store workouts, which provide them with an opportunity to market their brand lifestyles more directly and forge a connection with the consumer.”.......“The demise of retail is a permanent shift,” says Spevak. “It doesn’t mean retail’s going to go away, but it’s going to look very different. The consumer, in my opinion, will continue to buy nice things for themselves, but I think in the scheme of priorities the experience is more important than the handbag.”
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february 2018 by jerryking
(429) https://twitter.com/i/web/status/921128646663983104
New post (A balance of day and night is an . A balance of design and ...) has been published on Best ... -…
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october 2017 by wotek
RT : Gorgeous sky tonight in . is here and dark nights are drawing in
Autumn  Halifax  photography  equinox  from twitter
october 2017 by 9600
RT : We've had the but today is the which is when day and night are equal. From tomorrow, nights are…
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september 2017 by clementix

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