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More Americans struggling to buy food, especially those with kids
After several years of declines, the so-called national food hardship rate is climbing, according to findings from the Food Research & Action Center, a nonprofit group that works to eliminate hunger. The survey, based on a national Gallup poll of 338,000 households, found that nearly 16 percent of families lacked the funds to buy food at least once in 2017, up slightly from the previous year. The risk of hunger was 1.3 times higher in homes with kids.
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yesterday by iamfantastikate
Derek Powazek - Your Community Site is Not a Government
> In his effort to appear presidential, Jack has condoned bigotry on the platform, which opens the door to a legion of smaller bigots to come in and harass everyone else with the blessing of the CEO.
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2 days ago by jefftriplett
1 in 3 GoFundMe campaigns are for medical bills, CEO says
GoFundMe has raised more than $5 billion from 50 million donations since the website launched eight years ago—and one in every three of the site's campaigns are intended to pay medical bills, according to CEO Rob Solomon.
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2 days ago by iamfantastikate
Your Community Site is Not a Government
It’s time for these guys to stop playing pretend politics and admit that they’re not presidents, their sites are not countries, and we are not their citizens. They are caretakers of com…
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3 days ago by garrettc
Pride and prejudice? The Americans who fly the Confederate flag
“The Confederate flag played a big, big part in our history,” Ira says. “… Why are these minorities pushing to do away with this flag? Look at what’s happening to our statues!” he says...

In his attic, McCluney downplays slavery ownership – saying “elite” planters, not soldiers, owned most slaves. “Most (southerners) did not have a dog in the hunt,” he says.

He is right, but only to a point. Most of the soldiers were young – a fifth were under 18 – and few owned any of the 4 million slaves in the US. But many of their households owned at least one, or they aspired to ascend to slave ownership. The 1860 census shows 49% of families in Mississippi – one in two – owned at least one slave. Mississippi had 436,631, the most in the nation and 55% of the state’s population...

Thomasa Massey, 49, jumps out of her car at Pearl Park in a majority-white Jackson suburb wearing a T-shirt with Confederate butterflies she designed with “Pride, Not Prejudice” underneath...

Davis, 47, also believes the institution might have died out due to “modernization … if they were able to compromise another 20 years. That’s what state’s rights were about: protecting slavery,” he says. “… There would not have been a war over tariffs...”

Stuart blames detractors. “It’s not us that’s racial; it’s them that’s racial. Most of ’em don’t know what it means,” she says. “It’s a symbol of our state; it’s who we are...”

“If we can’t get white people to stand together, it’s going to be another civil war,” [Barnes] adds.
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8 days ago by iamfantastikate
Disability Tek - Help others with a disability access technology by sharing how you use it.
Disability Tek offers a platform for sharing information about technology for people with disabilities. Join our community today.
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