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Breaking the internet: The story of EverQuest, the MMO that changed everything | PC Gamer
You don't know what success feels like until you've tanked the biggest internet pipeline into San Diego for a week—minimum. Sure, most online games have network issues on day one, but in 1999 EverQuest wasn't just coughing out innocuous error codes.
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29 days ago by neverminding
Marc Brackett: "Emotional Intelligence as a Superpower" | Talks at Google - YouTube
Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.
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7 weeks ago by lenards
Better Together: Stories of EverQuest | Shacknews
Developers share memorable moments and behind-the-scenes stories in celebration of the 20th anniversary of Daybreak Game Company's groundbreaking MMORPG.
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8 weeks ago by neverminding
How to give advice so that people will listen
this goes perfectly with How to give advice that people will take
EQ  strategy  empathy 
11 weeks ago by claudinechi
HOw to give advice people actually take
This is a guest pot by Summer Tomato (Darya) and is about empathy and how to be a "feeler" if you are a "thinker"
EQ  strategy 
11 weeks ago by claudinechi
Improving Emotional Intelligence (EQ) - HelpGuide.org
You can raise your emotional intelligence, improve your relationships, and achieve your career goals. These tips will get you started.
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11 weeks ago by bigpicbruh
What Great Listeners Really Do
Fantastic article on what great listening really is, devised from top 5% of coaches getting it right. Answers include:
Good listening is much more than being silent while the other person talks. To the contrary, people perceive the best listeners to be those who periodically ask questions that promote discovery and insight.
Good listening included interactions that build a person’s self-esteem. The best listeners made the conversation a positive experience for the other party, which doesn’t happen when the listener is passive (or, for that matter, critical!)
coaching  listening  EQ  socialskills  relationshipmanagement 
september 2019 by claudinechi

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