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Plato: A document reader for PDF, ePUB, DjVu, etc. - MobileRead Forums
Plato is a document reader for Kobo's e-readers.
It was tested on the following devices:
* Forma.
* Aura H₂O Edition 2.
* Aura Edition 2.
* Aura ONE (FW 4.10.11655).
* Glo HD (FW 4.12.12111).
* Aura H₂O.
* Aura (FW 4.12.12111).
* Glo.
* Touch C.
kobo.reader  kobo.reader.app  hardwaresupport  forumthread  2017  installation  howto  fileformats  pdf  epub  djvu  mobilereading 
6 days ago by ezequiel
Koreader running on Kobos (all of them, hopefully!) - MobileRead Forums
This is the reference thread for running KOReader on Kobo models. The support now is quite good and included in official nightly builds.

Source is available at https://github.com/koreader/koreader, you can also report bugs there.
2013  forumthread  howto  installation  install  kobo.reader  applications  fileformats  pdf  djvu  epub  reader  software  links  guide  mobilereading  kobo.reader.app 
6 days ago by ezequiel
Home · koreader/koreader Wiki
KOReader is a document viewer for E-ink devices. Supported document formats include PDF, DjVu, XPS, CBZ, FB2, PDB, TXT, HTML, RTF, CHM, EPUB, DOC, MOBI, and ZIP files. Latest Kindle and Kobo devices are supported. The original software stays available to use after installation.
github  wiki  fileformats  software  reader  kobo.reader  support  howto  links  guide  installation  downloads  development  android.app  epub  pdf  djvu  kobo.reader.app 
6 days ago by ezequiel
Push to Kindle - Chrome Web Store
"Send web articles to your Kindle
Push to Kindle is a free service which lets you send web articles (news stories, blog posts, Wikipedia entries, etc.) to your Kindle or other e-reader for easy reading.

Installing this extension will add a send to Kindle button to your Chrome browser. Simply click the Push to Kindle button on a page which you'd like to read on your Kindle.

Use Push to Kindle to send a long web article to your Kindle to read it later. Use it to build up a reading list of articles for offline reading. Or simply use it to improve your reading experience.

★ Speedy delivery to your Kindle
★ Preview showing you what will get sent to the Kindle
★ Alternative download options: EPUB, MOBI or PDF
★ Send to multiple Kindle devices (enter up to 5 comma separated addresses)
★ PDF support
★ Image support
★ Title editing
★ Free

If you're confused about the email addresses needed to use Push to Kindle, please read our guide here: http://help.fivefilters.org/customer/portal/articles/178337-kindle-e-mail-address

Android users: Look for Push to Kindle in the Android Market https://market.android.com/details?id=org.fivefilters.kindleit

Kindle Fire users: Look for Push to Kindle in the Amazon App Store http://www.amazon.com/FiveFilters-org-Push-to-Kindle/dp/B005GFM0H0

iPhone and iPad users: Use our e-mail service http://fivefilters.org/kindle-it/#email

- - - - - - - - - -

Push to Kindle can send to the following devices:
★ Kindle e-readers sold by Amazon
★ Android Kindle app
★ iPhone/iPad Kindle app"
kindle  android  epub  chrome  extensions 
9 days ago by robertogreco
L’extrait : l’arme secrète pour vendre un livre numérique (ou pas) – EPubNerd
L’extrait est à l’heure actuelle complètement laissé de côté, alors qu’il représente une formidable opportunité commerciale pour les éditeurs et qu’il pourrait lui-même faire l’objet de tout un travail éditorial. En tant que porte d’entrée de notre livre, il doit être l’objet de toutes les attentions et bénéficier d’une réalisation soignée. À nous donc de nous en emparer, et de lui offrir ses premières lettres de noblesse.
extrait  epub  livre-numérique  bonnes-pratiques 
12 days ago by sentinelle

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