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Letters of Note: A man has to BE something
The answer—and, in a sense, the tragedy of life—is that we seek to understand the goal and not the man. We set up a goal which demands of us certain things: and we do these things. We adjust to the demands of a concept which CANNOT be valid. When you were young, let us say that you wanted to be a fireman. I feel reasonably safe in saying that you no longer want to be a fireman. Why? Because your perspective has changed. It's not the fireman who has changed, but you.
epistolary  letters  cultue  hst  advice  inspiration  correspondence 
24 days ago by po
frostfire: new phone who dis
Wolfe: This keyboard is too small.
me: Your fingers are too big.
Wolfe: The problem remains. Use the house phone from now on.
me: You better not be putting that phone back in the drawer.
fic  nerowolfe  gen  epistolary  humor  au  yuletide  <5K  +2018-01 
4 weeks ago by spatz
The Department of Special Collections - Speranza, alby_mangroves - Captain America (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
It was a messy thing of leather and papers and rope. It looked like Phillips had carelessly thrown a bunch of documents onto an old piece of black leather and then rolled the whole thing up and tied it . . . The papers inside were all different sizes, everything out of order and haphazardly stacked, like someone had been in a hurry and just grabbed it all.

Excellent outsider (a special collections' archivist/librarian) pov. Believable treatment of historical documents ftw!
mcu  steve/bucky  academia  epistolary  avengers 
5 weeks ago by neverhaveaclue
Ernesto de la Cruz vs. The Court of Public Opinion - skater_of_the_surface
one of my all-time favorite epistolary fics. what happened in the year between one dia de los muertos and the next.

author desc:
The thrilling sequel to Coco that you've all been waiting for! Miguel visits ... wait for it... wait for it... A LIBRARY.

Or : Miguel probably can't prove that Ernesto is a murderer, but stupendous fuckbucket is still on the table.
2018  epistolary  category:gen  fandom:disney&amp;pixar  length:15-50k  faves 
6 weeks ago by magalisays
Dear John
With Sherlock dead, John eventually (under duress) makes a profile on an online dating site. And falls into a long-distance relationship with an enigmatic partner who reminds him of Sherlock in all the right ways. (Hint: it turns out to be Sherlock.)
fandom  fanfic  ao3  sherlockholmes  bbcholmes  holmeswatson  angst  romance  slash  epistolary 
7 weeks ago by jennayra
Nick Cave illuminates love and loss in a letter to a fan — Quartzy
The musician wrote of ghosts, visions, dreams, and other "madnesses" of grief that help us heal.
grief  nick.cave  epistolary 
9 weeks ago by po
Epistolary - heyfightme
I didn’t want to wake you, but I’ll see you in 2 days. Groceries are getting delivered today. Love you <3

I can’t believe I’m at a point in life where 1. I’m not doing my own grocery shopping, and 2. I know I’m going to be eating frozen meals for the foreseeable future. I’m going to miss your cooking :(((

Have we fallen into an alternate universe? Quick – who’s your favorite singer?

//A story of finding your feet post-college, and the hard road of following your dreams - told in modern-day letters. [7,053 words]
checkplease!  jack/bitty  heyfightme  epistolary  texting  socialmedia  multimedia 
9 weeks ago by cunningplan
Small Primes and Square Roots
Liviapenn - Rodney/John, M, harlequin_sga --- 12,533

"I hope you picked someone really intelligent, otherwise it seems like it would be kind of a waste. Of incubation time, if nothing else."
ao3  sga  mckay/sheppard  *m  w.d::10-20k  ;★★★  au  kid!fic  epistolary  pining  harlequin!au  cute  pov-mixed 
9 weeks ago by we.are.golden
A Hit, A Very Palpable Hit by Shemmelle
What if... partway through P&P, Kitty went to stay with another aunt in London, and had a season there, changing the plot around for everyone? Flirtations, character growth, period details, and maybe some people being better off. Kitty's voice is a good one, and the letter excerpts are extremely amusing.
fanfic  AU  Pride&Prejudice  het  epistolary 
october 2018 by butterflykiki
slowly drifting to you by sharpa
"Namjoon, Hoseok, and Yoongi run a travel blog. Yoongi's been running for three years, and Jungkook is lonely in Seoul." [Yoongi/Jeongguk]
kpop.RPF  PG13  long  Min.Yoongi  Jeon.Jeongguk  kpop.RPF:AU  epistolary  hidden.identity  angst  asexuality 
october 2018 by adevyish
Letter for Xian | 与羡书
Translation (or butchering session as I would call it) of a certain fanfic... Lan WangJi writes a letter to Wei WuXian while drunk sometime in the thirteen years during which he's gone. The original Chinese version is highly poetic and uses a lot of difficult language; I tried to keep some of that in the translated version; not sure if it worked out or not. Only angst. No fluff. You have very much been warned...
=modaozushi(fic)  *lanwangji/weiwuxian  2018  wc:lessthan1k  translation  canon  epistolary 
october 2018 by claudine
hello strangers by noctemlux
"'Let me get this straight,' Jaehwan says, sifting through the posts that Seokjin has bookmarked in his browser, 'There’s six missed connections dedicated to you, written by six different guys?'" [Seokjin/other members]
kpop.RPF  G  short  Kim.Seokjin  kpop.RPF:AU  university  humour  epistolary 
october 2018 by adevyish
Thaw - boogima
a cute, short epistolary p&p fic where lizzie is forced due to Offscreen Reasons to marry darcy right after she first meets him... but don’t worry, they still fall in love.

author desc:
Regency forced marriage scenario, written in epistolary form. The story will comprise of maybe 10 to 12 letters (or maybe more, we'll see) Elizabeth sends to Jane after something has happened to force her to marry a certain haughty gentleman from Derbyshire.
fandom:jane-austen  pairing:elizabeth/darcy  category:m/f  epistolary  ff.n  category:gen 
september 2018 by magalisays
Letters from the Northern Continent - thehoyden
post-series, bashir goes to cardassia on a relief mission

author desc:
It just figured that the first time Julian Bashir set foot on Cardassia after the war, it would be halfway around the world from Elim Garak.
fandom:star-trek-ds9  pairing:garak/bashir  length:5-15k  epistolary  2010  category:m/m 
september 2018 by magalisays
TO MAGISTER PAVUS - spicyshimmy
a dorian character study, in unsent letters home.

author desc:
Letters Dorian never sends to Halward Pavus frame a short story in which Dorian develops a resistance to being poisoned by Vitaar, among other things. For years now, Dorian has maintained a collection of half-composed and unsent letters home, the sorts of missives one writes in one’s head when one isn’t able to sleep.
author:spicyshimmy  fandom:dragon-age  pairing:bull/dorian  length:<5k  2014  epistolary 
september 2018 by magalisays
space royalty arranged marriage AU, largely epistolary and extremely great.

author desc:
Prince S'chn T'gai Spock of Vulcan, engaged to Prince James Tiberius Kirk of Earth through an arrangement made by their parents many years ago, writes to his intended on the day of his birth in the interest of diplomacy. Jim is not interested in diplomacy. Though there is no precedent set for the commencement of a written correspondence begun due to these specific parameters, I will strive to maintain, to the best of my abilities and with ample preparatory research previously conducted, the appropriate level of formality between us, based on a number of factors, primarily examples of a similar nature.
author:spicyshimmy  fandom:star-trek-aos  pairing:kirk/spock  length:250k+  2013  au  arranged-marriage  epistolary 
september 2018 by magalisays
Ruby Tuesday - damalur
Eighteen months ago, a young man and woman vanished from their California home. Now, in a series of exclusive interviews, their loved ones speak out for the first time.
canondivergence  scifi-elements  missing!  epistolary  abducted!  sheldon/penny  tbbt  c:oneshot/-7k 
september 2018 by floatondown
A Place I May Go Both In and Out Of - Chapter 1 - kvikindi - Lewis (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Lewis thought it was amazing, in retrospect, that no one had ever shot Hathaway before.
fic  lewis  gen  fav  saved  injury  h/c  epistolary 
august 2018 by sequat
Untitled epistolary fic
An exchange of telegrams and letters; in which Jeeves extends his holiday without notice, and Bertie is most distressed.
fanfic  fandom  slash  ao3  jeevesandwooster  jeevesbertie  epistolary  romance  angst 
august 2018 by jennayra

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