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Flight Night
set in Joe's bar at the end of Take a Break from all your worries.
wordcount:5k-10k  episode:3x13  taking  a  break  from  all  your  worries  series:battlestar  galactica  pairing:kara/lee  TO.READ 
september 2013 by frannie_pants
A Birthday Surprise
It's Kensi's birthday. Deeks has a plan to celebrate. And it involves a disco ball, music from 1998, roller skates, and couples skating. One shot Kensi/Deeks from Kensi's POV, pure sugary fluff, minor spoilers for 3x13 "Exit Strategy."
birthday!fic  TO.READ  wordcount:1k-5k  pov:kensi  episode-coda  episode:3x13  exit  strategy  pairing:kensi/deeks  series:ncis  los  angeles 
may 2012 by frannie_pants

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a  all  angeles  birthday!fic  break  episode-coda  exit  from  galactica  los  pairing:kara/lee  pairing:kensi/deeks  pov:kensi  series:battlestar  series:ncis  strategy  taking  to.read  wordcount:1k-5k  wordcount:5k-10k  worries  your 

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