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Eleven researchers publish sharp critique of EPA fuel economy logic • Ars Technica
Megan Geuss:
<p>The EPA's lengthy technical analysis stated that better fuel economy rules would be costly for companies. Those costs would be passed on to consumers, and those consumers would put off buying new cars with better safety features, causing accidents that would cost more than 12,000 lives. The EPA also argued that if fuel economy standards are left in place, people will be able to spend less on gas, which means they would drive more, meaning greenhouse gas emissions and driving in general might not reduce as much as expected. This so-called "rebound effect" has been well-studied in scientific literature, but economists and public policy researchers are extremely skeptical of how the current administration has applied it…

…In their Thursday letter, the researchers explained that one of the primary and most egregious differences between the reports centered on how the EPA estimated the projected fleet size of cars and trucks out to 2025. Tighter fuel economy standards lead to more expensive cars as well as more expensive used cars, the letter says. That would mean that the total US vehicle fleet would shrink if fuel economy standards are kept in place.

On the other hand, freezing the fuel economy standards would increase the total US vehicle fleet as the US economy grows. But oddly, the EPA's 2018 report says that freezing fuel economy standards will <em>shrink</em> the US vehicle fleet. [Emphasis added - CA]

"This is inconsistent with basic economic principles," the researchers wrote, adding that the EPA's most recent model has erased about 6 million projected vehicles with little explanation. Such a model "leads to misleading conclusions related to the overall size of the fleet, fleet composition, and the amount of scrappage; and undermines EPA and NHTSA modeling efforts to improve the understanding of the costs and benefits of fuel economy standards," the letter says.

Correcting that underestimation of vehicles almost entirely wipes out any reduction in crash fatalities that the EPA estimated, the researchers wrote. After all, more cars on the road means more crashes.</p>

How surprising that the Trump administration would try to warp the calculation to fit the conclusion it wants to reach.
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8 days ago by charlesarthur
Irish agricultural CO2 emissions actually INCREASED by 2.9% last year
Irish EPA: agriculture greenhouse gas emissions increased by 2.9% in 2017 “The most significant drivers are higher dairy cow numbers (+3.1%) which reflects national plans to expand milk production”

Feck's sake.
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12 days ago by jm
The EPA Gave Its Website a Pro-Fracking Makeover - Motherboard
A new report from the Environmental Data & Governance Initiative has chronicled the changes the EPA made to its webpage on fracking.
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15 days ago by jessogden
KML Layer Over OpenStreetMap
OSM wiki on showing a KML layer over a map. Looking at this to display air quality data from AirNow from EPA.
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4 weeks ago by sbw
AirNow API: Air Quality Data from EPA
This is a cool service. The API offers air quality outlines in KML. Now I'm looking into how to display those outlines overlaid on Open Street Map tiles.
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4 weeks ago by sbw

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