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Google Chrome killing off apps
Desktop Clock dies in June.
Need to convert it to Packaged Web App.
Google  Chrome  apps  EOL 
10 weeks ago by lokifoo
Some time ago, I saw a pt with severe untreated suffering at alongside aggressive & unproven life-prolonging i…
EOL  from twitter_favs
11 weeks ago by pbaroco2
Python 2 EOL - Now What? | ActiveState
With Python 2 end of life, your Python 2 applications will become more vulnerable over time. Unable to move to Python 3? Here are your best options.
python2  eol 
11 weeks ago by arthuralvim
In Courts Of Living Stone by ncfan
Maeglin and Aredhel never flee Nan Elmoth for Gondolin. Twenty years later, Maeglin finds himself in Menegroth on a mission for his mother, seeking another road to freedom. But he is unprepared for what awaits him there. AU.
maeglin  finduilas  aredhel  eol  melian  30-40K  gen  au 
november 2019 by elftrash
Google Graveyard - Killed by Google
list of apps, hardware and services that have been sunsetted by Google
google  killed  EOL  sunsetted 
october 2019 by briansuda
Home - endoflife.date
Check End of Life of php, python, ubuntu, alpine, laravel, debian, centos, django, .NET, fedora, iphone, redhat, postgres, ruby, windows, Node.js, mariadb, laravel, java etc at one place. Verify whether your application needs an update, or if you need to upgrade your device.
security  software  community  eol  support 
july 2019 by e2b

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