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Living Light
Living Light is a building facade of the future that displays air quality and public interest in the environment. It is a permanent outdoor pavilion in Peace Park, across from World Cup Stadium in Seoul, Korea. Seoul air pollution installation
environment  visualization  art-installation 
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RT : Geographic shifts in animal species distributions due to Changing
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How to extract environment variables from system restore point, Windows 7 64-bit - Super User
How to recover lost env vars from a registry backup (e.g. when an installer trashes the PATH var and you've rebooted...)

Also use http://www.nirsoft.net/utils/shadow_copy_view.html to copy the C:\Windows\System32\config\RegBack\SYSTEM locked file
windows  environment  loss  reference  online  tools 
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Event attendees discuss spreading sustainability, politics and plastic bags
Moderator James Kelly grabbed the mic, and asked a question of the dozens of people in attendance at a Community Conversations event Tuesday night.
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Sally Fox and the World of Naturally Colored Fiber - Etsy Journal
At one point, Sally ran a $10 million dollar business in naturally colored organic cotton, all grown, spun, and woven in the US. Then mill closures, outsourcing of the textile industry, and resistance from growers who worried that her pollen might drift into their white cotton fields challenged the structure of her business.

It took a while, but she is emerging from what she calls “hibernation.” “Now, I work with one mill in Japan and I have a US spinner for my cotton again,” she said from her biodynamic ranch in California’s Capay Valley, where she talked to me while bottle-feeding lambs from her multi-colored merino sheep. “What I am best at is R and D. I really know how to grow, and I really know how to design yarn and fabric. I am very excited about working with communities both inside and outside our local fibershed.”
textiles  sustainability  agribusiness  environment 
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Help me grow my cotton again | Indiegogo
By 1990 I had developed dependable varieties of naturally colored cottons that could be machine spun and organically grown. My first mill customer was a fine spinning mill in Japan, I then began working with designers in the US and Europe and soon began selling to mills all over the world. The market grew too quickly and within five years it peaked and then painfully collapsed. This coincided with the decline of the US textile industry. The textile industries in the countries that had environmental regulations were decimated by products that came from countries were regulations on textile waste were either nonexistent or not enforced. The mills that I was selling to could not compete and closed.
environment  sustainability  agribusiness  capitalism  texiles 
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Clinton’s little-known crusade to save Africa’s elephants | Environment | The Guardian
“International criminal syndicates are orchestrating the slaughter of many of the world’s iconic wildlife species and profiteering by marketing ivory, rhinoceros horn, and other wildlife parts in the U.S., Asia, and Europe,” said Jorge Silva, a spokesperson for the Clinton Campaign. “Many of the criminal syndicates have ties with, and are helping to fund, terrorist groups around the world, and also are engaged in human, drug, and arms trafficking.”

Experts believe that groups like the Lord’s Resistance Army, Al-Shabaab and even ISIS may be in part funded by the illicit sale of ivory and other wildlife parts.

Clinton’s personal love for elephants springs out of a trip to Tanzania in 1997 as first lady. Her daughter, Chelsea, accompanied her, and since then mother and daughter have shared a passion for pachyderms. During the period, Bill Clinton’s administration opposed any opening of the ivory trade. Despite this, Cites began approving one-off trades in elephant ivory in 1999, 2002 and 2008. Experts have linked the current poaching crisis to the approval of these trades, especially the last one.
animalcruelty  capitalism  sustainability  environment  legislation 
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Air by Propeller @ Propeller Health
Air by Propeller is a set of free tools to help people understand current asthma conditions in their neighborhoods.

Air is an open application programming interface (API), a one-of-a-kind model that applies machine-learning to data from Propeller and environmental sources. Led by Propeller data scientists and clinical researchers, the Air API predicts how asthma may be affected by local conditions.Air also includes a series of tools that share local asthma conditions. Air tools are built from the Air API and range from an email or text subscription, to an embeddable Air Widget for other websites.
propeller  api  environment  cloud  artificialintelligence  machinelearning  crossplatform  asthma 
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