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Five to Nine's Employee Experience is Changing the World of Work
WiSTEM founders talk about their platform, which aims to increase #community within firms #employee #engagement #culture
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3 days ago by csrollyson
$2,000 of goodies! Win the Ultimate Hustler Package from (via ). Enter for FREE…
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3 days ago by architektura
064 - Big Life Changing Secrets from 10 Years of Getting Better Everyday
The more I work with high performing entrepreneurs I learn, you wake up and there are a million things that you could do. There are a million people trying to get your attention.
But if you do your planning the night before and have very detailed priority list of one to three things and If you meticulously plan so that when you wake up in the morning or when you get to the office in the morning and you go to work on that number one thing, it’s easier for you to get into it.
entrepreneur  success  life-advice  daily-schedule  craig-ballayntine  bedtime-routine 
7 days ago by lwhlihu
Scott Oldford - Entrepreneurs are typically COMPLETELY DELUSIONAL...
. How much money they are actually making...

Most people I meet who are entrepreneurs, don’t really start profiting money until they have either done business for 10 years or they’ve reached a couple million.

Entrepreneurs look at the bank account, or the revenue or top line profit.

Most entrepreneurs are broke A.F.

4. How close they are to quitting...

Most Entrepreneurs won’t realize they quit until after they quit and look back.

Most Entrepreneurs are hanging on by a thread, perhaps by their relationship, or perhaps financially.

5. How dedicated they are to their business...

What do we do with all of this delusion?

How do we progress forward?

My best advice.

Let go and surrender.
Enjoy the experience.
If you don’t end up broke, you won.
If you end up impacting many, you won even more.

Entrepreneurs are obsessed with being “on to something” and our ego’s take over.

That’s ok.
You can go far with it.

Just remember, we’re a special breed
And don’t forget reality is needed from time to time, in-between flying their the clouds.
scott-oldford  entrepreneur  business 
7 days ago by lwhlihu
Aliko Dangote, Africa’s richest man, on his ‘crazy’ $12bn project
July 10, 2018 | Financial Times | David Pilling 11 HOURS AGO.

On his yacht in Lagos, he talks about his ambitious oil refinery — and his dream of buying Arsenal
Africa  Arsenal  moguls  Nigerians  Nigeria  entrepreneur  Aliko_Dangote  Lagos  oil_industry  oil_refiners  cement  big_bets 
10 days ago by jerryking
The 🔑to Success

- Be the best
- Be the first
- Be noticed
- Be yourself
- Be different
- Be ready
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11 days ago by dtomoff
Stop Treating Your Failure Like it was the Ultimate Warrior - EQ
A STL entrepreneur talks about admitting to and accepting failure, as well as how hard being successful in entrepreneurship really is.
ESB6  MGT421  MGT621  fail  failed  failure  contrarian  advice  entrepreneur 
15 days ago by jeromekatz
RT : If you get paid through both Stripe and PayPal, we have something for you!
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18 days ago by hopeless
CashNotify for PayPal — CashNotify
RT : If you get paid through both Stripe and PayPal, we have something for you!
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18 days ago by hopeless
(1) Mitch Miller - High school dropout... Drug dealer... Failed...
High school dropout...
Drug dealer...
Failed rockstar...
Heart attack survivor...
Park bench dweller...
9x Business failure...

I win because I have the balls to lose. Most entrepreneurs are pathetic SAD little bitches who only love the idea of being successful.

They are afraid to find out what they are really made of.

Life will pass you by and you will die alone pooping your diapers with your sad excuses because you'll leave the world the same way you came into it: a baby
success  life-advice  take-risks  entrepreneur  mitch-miller  business 
19 days ago by lwhlihu
Amazon encourages entrepreneurs to build logistics network | Financial Times
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Shannon Bond in San Francisco 9 HOURS AGO
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23 days ago by jerryking

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