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If you’re an who puts all your focus on your product, you’re missing an opportunity to connect emotio…
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Amor y Negocios: 5 Consejos para trabajar con tu esposo

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Steve Blank Why Entrepreneurs Start Companies Rather Than Join Them
# Asymmetric Information and Entrepreneurship:

- Entrepreneurs start their own companies because existing companies don’t value the skills that don’t fit on a resume.
- The most talented people choose entrepreneurship (Lemons versus Cherries)

# Traits of entrepreneurs.

1. Signalling
How one party (job hunters) credibly conveys information to another party (a potential employer).

2. Capable
Entrepreneurs start ventures because they can't signal their worth to potential employers and they feel they're more capable than what employers can tell from their resume or an interview.

3. Better pay

4. (but) less predictable pay

5. Smarter
...on cognitive abilities

6. Immigrants and funding
Immigrants are with less credible signals.
Fund from families and friends is a dominant source of financing for early-stage ventures.

7. Defer getting a more formal education

# Factors:

1. Companies want employees to help them execute current business models which has little emphasis on entrepreneurial skills.
2. Entrepreneurship: schools don't provide a good way to signal someone's (full) potential to employers.
3. Economic Environment: employment rate might have an impact since it's easier to find a good traditional job in a period of low unemployment but entrepreneurship might start to sound attracting in a downturn; other public policies such as tax also come in the play in the decision making.
4. Leaving a Company: an employer doesn’t value skills for innovation and is just measuring on execution.
5. Entrepreneurial Education
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6 Cosas que debes dejar de preocuparte ya 😊
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