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Alex J Moscow - 🔥 **The top 7 Lessons I learned from my first...
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🐼🔥 1.) Upleveled Peer Group - Intentionally put yourself in situations where you’re the dumbest person in the room

I live by a mantra – “make decisions from where you want to be, not from where you currently are.”

Hanging out with people who have the results that you want is the live, embodied version of that.

Being surrounded by experts who are MASTERS at their craft stretched my world of possibility in the best possible way.

My perception of what’s possible is forever expanded in the realms of FB ads, scaling and selling companies, optimizing the body, depths of love and intimacy.

Humans are creatures of comfort and habit. If you aren’t hanging out with a peer group who STRETCHES you, you will stay where you are comfortable.
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3 days ago by lwhlihu
Navigating the long, slow SaaS ramp of death - Baremetrics
It’s what most businesses face and experience and many times, that slow ramp is actually a sign of success. It shows long term stability verses a flash in the pan that can’t be sustained.
So while your growth may be slow and may not be at a level you want, understand that strong businesses are a long game and instead of agonizing over what your business isn’t focus and enjoy what it is.
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9 days ago by gpe
Wage Slave or Entrepreneur?: Contesting the Dualism of Legal Worker Identities
This Article challenges the duality of worker classification in employment regulation by positioning the employee and the independent contractor in U.S. legal history and in the lives of contemporary workers. Part I situates the debate in work law scholarship. Part II uses historical and legal archives to challenge the prevailing assumptions about the employee and independent contractor classifications in employment and labor law.
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12 days ago by jeromekatz

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