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Jesse Williams' BET Awards 2016 Speech: Watch | Billboard
34-year-old Grey's Anatomy star Jesse Williams stole the BET Awards on Sunday night with a wildly inspirational, confrontational speech that is bound to become a cornerstone of the Black Lives Matter movement. Later in the show, Samuel L. Jackson said he hadn't heard a speech like it since the 1960s. 
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What game would you describe as a masterpiece? - patientgamers
Off the top of my head, I can think of only FTL and the first 3 Halo games. My masterpiece, I mean games that are fun and you wouldn't make any...
Off the top of my head, I can think of only FTL and the first 3 Halo games. My masterpiece, I mean games that are fun and you wouldn't make any...
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Master list of TV-related subreddits
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Encore + - YouTube - YouTube
On ENCORE+ you’ll discover or rediscover memorable Canadian movies and TV shows. Comedies, dramas, children’s shows, docs, shorts, feature films – it’s all here for fans of all ages.
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