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10 steps to APIfy enterprise IT for a serverless, conversational future - by @philww
"In 10 steps, MuleSoft founder Ross Mason explains how to APIfy enterprise IT to align with emerging trends towards serverless and conversational computing."
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1 hour ago by jonerp
Enterprise grade fuckups from LSI and Dell – George Shuklin – Medium
Enterprise grade fuckups from LSI and Dell
Standard Dell server (R530) with PERC H730 Mini raid (raid fw is
There was a normal RAID 5 made from few disks. One disk had failed. Has been replaced. After rebuild array become:
State : Optimal
Bad Blocks Exist: Yes
It is ‘optimal’ but there are read errors on drive:
apparently there is a SBBM (software bad block map) inside proprietary software which is used to report errors on read operations from arrays even when those arrays are fine.
Here is a magical command which fixes array (change status from been ‘Optimal with badblocks’ into ‘Optimal’) is:

megacli -LDBBMClr -L0 -a0
dell  storage  enterprise 
14 hours ago by some_hren
RT : It’s important for the IT organization to stay on top of all apps – from mobile app development and dep…
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Enterprise Software Platforms have underperformed - by @dealarchitect
"My relative disappointment with enterprise platforms is one reason I was one of the few analysts who was not clamoring for Workday to open up its own platform. It did last year and I hope they set ambitious goals for partners who develop on its platform – make sure they are well funded, go after massive and underserved markets across verticals and geographies."
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yesterday by jonerp
Microsoft and the UWP For Enterprise delusion • Dean Chalk
<p>So, its 2018 and WPF/WinForms is now a legacy platform.

I don’t remember the WPF technology stack getting any significant updates over the last 12 years, so it dies pretty much how it started. Its apparent replacement is the so-called ‘Universal Windows Platform’ or UWP (previously it was ‘WinRT’ — no ‘Store’ — no ‘Metro’ no……??), however there is one huge and massive issue with UWP on the desktop, and that is it isn’t designed for the desktop.
Nonsense!, you might say — but Its true. UWP will never been an enterprise desktop software development technology stack, and I will tell you exactly why in the next paragraphs.

The ‘Mobile First’ fallacy: the enterprise doesn’t care about mobile — it really doesn’t. Sure there are a small number of enterprises that need delivery guys with handheld devices , and those devices need to have mobile software written for them, but they are in a tiny minority.

The few mobile enterprise apps currently out there are more about productivity triage — a quick glance while your getting a latte — nothing more.

Your email app on your iPhone isn’t designed for you to use 8 hours straight at your desk. The spreadsheet app on your iPad is pretty useless for a whole days work. You NEED a big screen with mouse and keyboard to do an 8 hour shift on the company’s CMS system, and no mobile-first setup is going to be even remotely productive for 99% of enterprise employees.

However, UWP is a mobile-first platform. It's designed for small devices that are being used by people touching a screen with sausage-shaped fingers. Yes you can have the app adapt to different screen sizes but its still the same issue — powerless and simplified, with low levels of information density — if that’s all you needed, then you're going to build a web app instead anyway.</p>
microsoft  enterprise 
3 days ago by charlesarthur
#NRF2018 live – How DAVIDsTEA uses loyalty program data to change experiences – and results - by @jonerp
"Retail transformation sounds great - until you hit a data wall. Live at NRF 2018, DAVIDsTEA told me how they turned their loyalty program data into a much broader effort. Their partner AgilOne was on hand to help share the results."
analytics  planning  and  data  analysis  digital  enterprise  in  the  real  world  e-commerce  retail  omni-channel  use  cases 
3 days ago by jonerp
By 2020 83% Of Enterprise Workloads Will Be In The Cloud - by @louiscolumbus
"83% Of Enterprise Workloads Will Be In The Cloud By 2020. LogicMonitor’s survey is predicting that 41% of enterprise workloads will be run on public cloud platforms (Amazon AWS, Google Cloud Platform, IBM Cloud, Microsoft Azure and others) by 2020. An additional 20% are predicted to be private-cloud-based followed by another 22% running on hybrid cloud platforms by 2020. On-premise workloads are predicted to shrink from 37% today to 27% of all workloads by 2020."
business  technology  software  amazon  aws  re:invent  web  services  byline=louis  columbus  cloud  computing  enterprise  adoption  landscape 
5 days ago by jonerp
SAP: When you come to a fork in the road, Take it! - by @dealarchitect
"Even though its cloud acquisitions – SuccessFactors, Ariba, hybris, Concur etc – were not cheap, they have helped keep SAP competitive on this side of the pond. With what we have seen in the first couple of years of S/4HANA the ship is tilting back to the on-premise world. Oh sure it promises three options – public cloud, private cloud or on-premise but the public cloud option is a tiny portion of the deployments."
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7 days ago by jonerp
Oracle CEO Mark Hurd on the looming transformation of enterprise IT - by @philww
"Oracle CEO Mark Hurd tells industry analysts how the failings of the past 20 years have created customer demand for a 'huge' transformation of enterprise IT."
digital  transformation  -  frictionless  enterprise  infrastructure 
8 days ago by jonerp
Oracle Database: Solid for Now - by @dealarchitect
"When I talk to corporate buyers, I get a similar vibe of “little love” for Oracle. They constantly evaluate open-source, NoSQL, HANA and other options. But the talent, systems management tools and other “bag of tricks” they have invested in to tune the database, recover from downtime etc. keep them grounded. Having said that Oracle sometimes misreads continued commitment to the database as customer loyalty."
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8 days ago by jonerp
Why Enterprise Software Sucks – Signal v. Noise
"The people who buy enterprise software aren’t the people who use enterprise software. That’s where the disconnect begins. And it pulls and pulls and pulls until the user experience is split from the buying experience so severely that the software vendors are building for the buyers, not the users. The experience takes a back seat to the feature list, future promises, and buzz words."
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8 days ago by handcoding

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