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SAP: Past, Present and Future
"I was very encouraged that most of the conversations were focused on process, industry and geography. This used to be SAP’s strength and it is good to hear Board members and a new generation of executives who lead its cloud properties like hybris and Ariba talk fluently about trends in talent management, shop floor, customer facing areas and be able to bring in nuances from different verticals and global regions. Every so often the company gets consumed with platforms and tools like NetWeaver and HANA and forgets it is an application software vendor. There was mandatory technology talk and buzzwords in this session but I felt good about SAP’s present and future after spending time with these executives."
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5 hours ago by jonerp
SAP addresses the questions on its licensing and auditing news – an influencer event analysis - by @jonerp
"Hot on the heels of SAP's major licensing and audit announcements, a group of analysts and influencers found ourselves in New York City with the chance to press the issue in person. Here's my analysis - but grab a beverage and a comfy chair first."
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yesterday by jonerp
DoD clarifies winner-take-all cloud contract
"White indicated that 46 companies have responded to the request for proposal, but it seems clear there are only a handful of companies that could handle a project of this scope. For starters, we have Amazon and Microsoft, along with Google, IBM and Oracle."
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yesterday by jonerp
RT : Just 2 weeks to go! 🎉
Last tickets now on sale
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6 days ago by dshaw
Open Source ERP | metasfresh
metasfresh ERP is the perfect business Software for modern Enterprises. A Free and Open Source ERP System that scales and fits you.
opensource  floss  erp  business  enterprise 
6 days ago by gilberto5757
"Explorers" - Star Trek 50th Anniversary Tribute - YouTube
"We are all explorers, driven to know what's over the horizon, what's beyond our own shores."
star.trek  TOS  AOS  tng  deep.space.nine  voyager  enterprise 
6 days ago by Beatrice_Otter
‘Star Trek: Discovery’ USS Enterprise Design Change Clarified As Creative Decision, Not A Legal One
Correction regarding a link I posted earlier in the week that said there were legal reasons for the Enterprise design changes: "CBS TV Studios does, in fact, have the right to use the U.S.S. Enterprise ship design from the past TV series, and are not legally required to make changes. The changes in the ship design were creative ones, made to utilize 2018’s VFX technology."
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7 days ago by djwudi

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