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Odd Couple Series, by bysine
Stories set in the MCU/comic-verse, with different friendships and randomness for each. (Bucky and Peter Parker at NYU; Sam and Thor on a road trip; Steve trying to retire and adapt).
Avengers  fanfic  ensemble  gen  fun  friendship  humor  angst 
7 days ago by butterflykiki
Rich Man's World by nirejseki
“Let me put it this way: judging exclusively by this guy’s stock portfolio performance, if anyone ever confirms to me that time travel is a real thing, my first reaction is going to jump two feet into the air and say ‘Harrison Wells is a time traveler from the future, I knew it!’” Len says flatly.

fanfic  Flash  crack  gen(ish)  Snart/Mick  ao3  words:5.000-10.000  ensemble  food  established.relationship 
16 days ago by hatinjacket
kdee: and i can tell just what you want (you don't want to be alone)
Lance is avoiding him.

It only takes some choice encounters for Keith to pick it up: downward cast eyes when they pass each other in setting up camp, twisting away from Keith’s wolf when she inquisitively sniffs at him next to Keith, being uncharacteristically quiet when he unsubtly mentions that the naturally occurring springs on the planet they’re resting on are uncannily similar to Earth’s.

In fact, Lance seems to be at some sort of odds with all the paladins.
voltron  p:lance/keith  pg  hurt/comfort  wc:1000-2000  ensemble  post-s6 
17 days ago by spellczech
national hot dad alliance is now calling... - dicaeopolis, owlinaminor - Haikyuu!! [Archive of Our Own]

Sawamura Daichi: What the fuck.

(Or, the captains' squad interactions that definitely happen outside of canon, presented in Skype chat form.)
haikyuu  iwaoi  daisuga  ensemble  post.canon 
23 days ago by brecs1
andromeda3116: such selfish prayers
Katara's ambition, so long set aside for the good of others, breaks free and sets fire to her soul. Or, Katara has a vision of her canon future, casts it aside, and becomes a world-changing politician instead.
atla  gen  p:zuko/katara  pg  wc:35000-50000  ensemble 
27 days ago by spellczech
speaks: Terminal Velocity
The only fate worse than being tortured to death is watching, helpless, while the person you love most takes your place.
voltron  p:lance/keith  pg-13  blood/gore  torture  fluff  wc:20000-35000  ensemble 
27 days ago by spellczech
laallomri: just come to me once
Lance’s smile widens. He leans forward, and the prickling in Keith’s chest gives way to butterflies, fluttering wildly in his stomach, and oh wow has Lance always had this many freckles, has he always had eyelashes that long, has he—

Lance pokes his cheek, right over the Galra mark. Keith blinks.

“I can’t believe you and your mom have matching face tattoos now,” he says, and it’s so fucking dumb, but it’s exactly the kind of dumb thing Keith has longed to hear, and before he knows what he’s doing he’s surging forward, almost knocking Lance back against Red’s paw, and throwing his arms around him.

In which Keith lives on a space whale, goes on a road trip, and (eventually) gets a boyfriend.
voltron  p:lance/keith  pg-13  angst  fluff  wip  ensemble 
29 days ago by spellczech
basicallymonsters: the good ones always seem to break
“This would be a pretty sweet place for an ambush, actually,” Lance says softly. Keith follows his eyes, squinting at the mass of dust that reaches almost to the walls, like a roiling, smoky ceiling.

“We already scanned the place, and it’s a ghost town,” Keith says, slipping free of Lance’s grip and forging ahead. “Plus we’re nowhere near the base yet.”

“Right,” Lance says, but he’s tapping his helmet and opening up communications anyway, following Keith at a distance. “Hey guys, anyone else feelin’ that warm and fuzzy ‘I’m being watched' feeling?”

prompt: Lance jumps in and takes a bullet for Keith when they're separated from the group, and it seems like a fairly minor wound, but the bullet was poisoned, and now Keith has to get Lance back to the castle.
voltron  p:lance/keith  pg-13  hurt/comfort  wc:5000-10000  ensemble 
29 days ago by spellczech
RikoJasmine: Unsinkable
The Straw Hats find out that their captain has one hell of a family. When asked about his mother’s whereabouts, Luffy simply grins and throws his arms out, gesturing to the endless expanse of sea around them. With complete sincerity, he replies, “The ocean is my mother!”
An AU where Luffy isn’t entirely human, and water affects him differently than other Devil Fruit users.
onepiece  gen  au:canon  pg-13  wip  ensemble  fluff  magic 
4 weeks ago by spellczech
aloneintherain: the beginning of a new and brighter birth
“I’m so proud of you, my nephew.” Uncle cups Zuko’s face in his lined hand. The gesture is so tender, his palm so warm, that Zuko has to take a fortifying breath against the sudden swell of emotion in his chest.

“I want to be a good leader, Uncle,” Zuko says. “I want to look after my people.”

“You will,” Uncle says. “You are, nephew.”
In a new era of peace, Zuko works to be a very different Fire Lord than his forefathers.
atla  gen  pg-13  wc:15000-20000  ensemble 
5 weeks ago by spellczech
angstinspace: red skies
Lance doesn't know where he comes from––only that he was found in a forest on a distant planet when he was an infant, with no sign of his origin except a blue talisman around his neck. Nowadays he's content to travel the universe with his best friend Hunk, scavenging and selling goods. But that all changes when a girl named Pidge hitches a ride with them, and in the same day the trio finds a crashed ship carrying nothing but a boy with no memory of who he is ... and a red talisman that matches Lance's.
voltron  p:lance/keith  pg-13  au  wip  ensemble 
5 weeks ago by spellczech
The Five People You Meet in Der Waffle Haus by kurushi
After you die, if you are fortunate or unfortunate enough to become a reaper, you have very little choice in the people you meet. Roxy's meetings mainly occur in a place called Der Waffle Haus, and they probably aren't the people she'd have picked had she been given any choice.
fanfic  dead.like.me  Roxy  ensemble  grief  ao3  words:10.000-20.000  gen  yuletide:2010 
6 weeks ago by hatinjacket
Cloudlab 200t V2 | Entry | Reaktor User Library
This ensemble has been created for fun having a Buchla resemblance and workflow for inspirational and educational purposes.
reaktor  unique  emulator  emulation  synth  ensemble  vst  buchla  vsti 
6 weeks ago by rsewan
Old Man Luke by scarletjedi (PG)
“I said I was not in the Order,” Luke said. “But I am a Jedi.” He didn’t elaborate, but he didn’t need to. The Force sang the truth of what he said.

“What you are is a mystery,” Obi-Wan said. “Luckily, we have two weeks to figure it out.”
fic  [Star-Wars]  gen  Anakin-Skywalker  Obi-Wan-Kenobi  Luke-Skywalker  Leia-Organa  Asohka-Tano  ensemble  Action/Adventure  Clone-Wars  time-travel  kidnapped/missing  Epic  WiP 
6 weeks ago by tenillypo

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