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Ethereum Transaction 0xb12fa2d788e32a35488c1eb97948041619a3c7fd78993556ce1f947cfa3bafc1
Registered a free ens domain mxs.etherbase.eth for my first ether wallet via the metamask firefox extension
ens  ether  domain  wallet  crypto  currency  blockchain  metamask 
9 weeks ago by quoudten
Modifying Harberger to make it work for ENS - Permanent Registrar WG - ENS
Since the last thread about the 3-6 char names was overrun by this topic and got confused, I’d like to separate in a thread. via Pocket
IFTTT  Pocket  ens  ethereum  harberger  name 
january 2019 by ChristopherA
A Pen by phyrextsai
Convert IFPS hash to hex for ens
ens  ipfs 
october 2018 by kanej
My cyptocurrency domain name: scottshapiro.eth - scottshapiro.com
I recently acquired scottshapiro.eth as my cryptocurrency domain name. Here's how I used Ethereum Name Service (ENS) to buy and set it up.
ens  ethereum  dns 
july 2017 by tranqy

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