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Auto Enrolment Solution - Company Pensions & Workplace Pensions Scheme
We know how to make Auto Enrolment work for you and your business.
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Software to manage enrolment process
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Clearing 2014: most top universities with spare places - Telegraph
"Universities are now resorting to “sales gimmicks” to attract a decreasing number of students with top grades, with some institutions offering cash awards of up to £10,000, lap-tops, tablet computers and cut-price accommodation for those accepting places."

" Mr Boxall said: “The notion of ‘admitting’ students, which is still the language of university departments, is becoming a thing of the past.

“Students are now customers and that is why some sales gimmicks could be emerging. They are, however, the type of gimmick that we might expect to see for a holiday or a hotel, not for such an expensive and life shaping decision such as which university a student goes to.

“Offering students laptops to enrol is like offering a free kettle to encourage someone to buy your house and should not influence students’ choices.” "
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