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Hospital visitors could soon help feed and clean patients in NHS Grampian | Press and Journal
guilting members of the family to care for patients in a hospital! LOL! // trialled in geriatric ward. now rolled out across. // already done in fife and lanarkshire // WITHOUT TRAINING. high risk of spreading of hospital infections! //
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Reservoir 13 by Jon McGregor review – a chilling meditation on loss and time
Gradually, though, as the story unfolds across its 13 chapters (ah, so is she in Reservoir 13?), playing with and undercutting our expectations, we appreciate that this isn’t a murder mystery at all. It’s a chilling meditation on time, and loss through change. Why does that archetype of female sacrifice have such hold over us – why did Iphigenia have to be sacrificed by Agamemnon at Aulis? Partly it must be because of the violence against women deep-rooted in most cultures, buried there in the foundations, tangled up in biology. And perhaps that in turn helps to explain how the idea of femaleness can be dangerously invested with something lost and longed-for, something to bring home at last or come home to, some lost hope to be restored, weighing in against the realities of time and change. Reservoir 13 is an enthralling and brilliant investigation of disturbing elements embedded deeply in our story tradition.
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Clear majority of Scots say the UK is going in wrong direction (From The National)
BARELY more than a quarter of Scots believe the UK is headed in the right direction, with a clear majority confident it is going the wrong way, according to a new poll.

Just 27 per cent of the Scottish sample of respondents to the latest survey by former Tory donor Lord Ashcroft said they believed the UK was on the "right track", compared to 55 who said it was going in the "wrong direction".

The same poll found Nicola Sturgeon was the only politician in Scotland with a positive approval rating.
Scotland  indyref2  SNP  Brexit  Nicola  Sturgeon  England  UK 
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Saffiyah Khan, Woman In Birmingham EDL March Photo, Tells Story Behind Viral Picture | The Huffington Post
This is pretty feel good news makes you happy to be English. Interesting that there's still an undertone of "British" being good and English" being bad in the reporting, pressed a bit by the EDL using the term of course.
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