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English Broadside Ballad Archive (EBBA)
A project to archive all surviving 16th and 17th century English broadside ballads, as well as a representative sample of early 18th century ballads, and make them accessible as facsimiles, transcriptions, and recordings (when tunes are extant).

Maintained by: University of California at Santa Barbara
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English Ballads
Facsimile images and transcriptions of 2,300 broadside ballads on a wide range of popular subjects, most printed in England in the 19th century. The collection also includes broadsides from Scotland and Ireland.

Maintained by: National Library of Scotland
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Church spires to help spread the digital word | World news | The Guardian
Spires of medieval churches in rural England to be used for spreading wireless broadband connectivity. Wonderful.
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On the Internet, no one knows you're a cat — Wait wait our idea of dirty medieval peasants is...
Wait wait our idea of dirty medieval peasants is based on a *tax aversion scam*??? Please tell me more I need to know this. *bounces excitedly*
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RT @LastQuake: Map of testimonies received so far following #earthquake detection in #England, Uk 2 min ago. https://t.co/5DhN4uMwYt
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NHS Scotland embarks on global radiologist search - BBC News
A global campaign to attract radiologists to work in the Scottish NHS has been launched.

Nine health boards, including NHS Fife, Grampian and Greater Glasgow and Clyde, have 32 vacancies which they have struggled to fill.

Radiologists specialise in diagnosing and treating diseases such as cancer using medical imagery.

NHS Scotland will take its recruitment drive to India, the US, Canada, western Europe and Australia.
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Why The Right is Extinct; and Why Revisionism is Needed - Part 1 [Archive] - The Phora
The Devil's minions, raising the banner of the ''new theology'' premised their revolutionary political ideas on the psychology of man, on contractual relationships between monadic individual men, which they purported could be developed and implemented independent of any study of society as it existed or any that had existed. Their model of human life, social and political, was thus entirely irrelevant to man - and was in fact entirely hostile to man and life. It was a miasma of ideal models, premised on a rudderless 'morality' - that was entirely divorced form actual human life.

So pronounced was this change in the European political landscape that nationalism, as of 1815, was viewed by thoughtful men of the Right as Communism was a century later - a conduit of radical destruction of the social order.

With this great achievement came great responsibility and ultimately great comity between the White, Western peoples. Paul Kruger (Trekboer warrior of some folkloric distinction) for example refused to arm and field Negro troops against the English despite being disadvantaged by crippling odds. There was an understanding between White men that no matter how severe the stakes of political conflict, there must remain a condominium between the White nations to guard their supremacy over the Earth and to guarantee the posterity of our great wealth for future generations.

As the German-British war was fought to a standstill, in the aftermath of the German leadership affording their British enemy a permissive retreat from the battlefield at Dunkirk, congruous with the scrupulous observance of Westphalian mores, the racially patriotic Europeans rallied to order around Hitler and prepared to destroy the alien enemy to the East, and in doing so to destroy the idea of Bolshevism and guard the victory of the White/Western/Patriotic idea so that it might survive and flourish for another millenium. As these tensions ossified on the eve of total war, so did a hardness of heart develop in America towards the new White/European patriotism.

In America, an alliance between an increasingly deracinated Protestant elite, zealously committed to an extraterritorial and anti-patriotic form of ''spirituality'' cloaked in a contradictory synthesis of rationalism and purportedly Christian morals, and an emboldened Jewish political culture populated by men, uniquely intuitive about historical developments, who correctly viewed the then contemporary circumstance as an opportunity to once and finally destroy the race/culture that had frustrated their political ambition during the millenium since the White man had received, by Providential event, the elevated morality of Christ.
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