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ArcGIS - English Coal Exports 1864
Figurative and approximate map of English Coal Exports in 1864
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UK~TRACKER — How a wealthy ballerina married to England's...
How a wealthy ballerina married to England's richest man built a Cambridge church
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Wollaston ‘concerned’ about NHS England cutting travel vaccines from prescriptions
If you cut travel vaccines (free). Was there done any risk-benefit analysis? May the cost of treatment outweigh the savings? - Stevens and NHS Public Health say, everything proper w decision.
NHS  England  Austerity  public  health 
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Council and NHS in £19.5m funding row over patients staying in hospital too long - Stoke Sentinel
[first NHS Councils blame each other for little progress, now NHS Department withholding funds bc no progress from Council ] But now NHS England is threatening to withhold the cash (one tranche from the Better Care Fund) because the authority is failing to reduce its bed-blocking figures by ensuring care packages are in place. Council leaders say the target – cutting social care-related delayed transfers of care by two-thirds in eight weeks – was unrealistic and set at ‘extremely short notice’. Now they are lobbying the Government on the issue, and working with the local NHS to find alternative ways of paying for the affected services. It comes after the council had to make cuts in areas such as drug and alcohol services after the NHS withdrew £15 million last year.
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