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Syberia is a framework designed specifically to productionize the R programming language with rapid iteration cycles, although hybrid models consisting of Python, Scala, and other tools will also be possible to deploy
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How do wings work? by Holger Babinsky, University of Cambridge (pdf)
The popular explanation of lift is common, quick, sounds logical and gives
the correct answer, yet also introduces misconceptions, uses a nonsensical
physical argument and misleadingly invokes Bernoulli’s equation. A simple
analysis of pressure gradients and the curvature of streamlines is presented here to give a more correct explanation of lift.
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Why Yammer Believes the Traditional Engineering Organizational Structure is Dead
Yammer’s biggest rule of thumb is two to ten people, two to ten weeks — which means they generally don’t do projects that are larger or more complicated. There is a non-linear relationship between the complexity of a project and the wrap-up integration phase at the end. If you go anywhere beyond ten weeks, the percentage of time in the wrap-up phase becomes disproportionate.

If you employ the two to ten rule, it’ll also force you to release often, test your assumptions, and not over-invest in mistakes. It’s sort of the lean startup mentality, and if you're going to try and do that, you have to codify it in your organization.
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