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A Comparison of Two Popular REST Test Tools | Toptal
via Pocket - REST Assured vs. JMeter: A Comparison of REST Test Tools Testing representational state transfer (REST) APIs can be a tricky business. Many who resort to manually testing REST APIs overlook details and miss out on ways they could save time. For this, you need the right tools.
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3 hours ago by mannieschumpert
Exploring the Salesforce Einstein API | Toptal
via Pocket - Salesforce Einstein AI: An API Tutorial When developers think of using the cloud for AI, they might think of IBM Watson, Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services, Google Cloud, or Amazon AI. When they hear of Salesforce Einstein, they might automatically assume it’s limited to the Salesforce developer specialization.
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yesterday by mannieschumpert
RT : Matmatch wants ‘to be a source of materials inspiration’
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yesterday by freerange_inc
Some thoughts on security after ten years of qmail 1.0
Daniel Bernstein is the author of qmail. Bernstein created qmail because he was fed us with all of the security vulnerabilities in sendmail. Ten years after the launch of qmail 1.0, and at a time when more than a million of the Internet’s SMTP servers ran either qmail or netqmail, only four known bugs had been found in the qmail 1.0 releases, and no security issues.
bug  security  software_engineering  bestpractices  engineering 
2 days ago by andrewsardone
What the Four Color Theorem Can Teach Us About Writing Software
The four-color theorem provides a way to think about the complexity of graphs, which maps nicely to software.
complexity  software  dependencies  graph  engineering 
2 days ago by hynek
Functional Data Engineering — a modern paradigm for batch data processing
Batch data processing — historically known as ETL — is extremely challenging. It’s time-consuming, brittle, and often unrewarding. Not only that, it’s hard to operate, evolve, and troubleshoot. In…
data  engineering 
2 days ago by nealrichter

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