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Ten years left to redesign lithium-ion batteries
Reserves of cobalt and nickel used in electric-vehicle cells will not meet future demand. Refocus research to find new electrodes based on common elements such as iron and silicon, urge Kostiantyn Turcheniuk and colleagues.
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A Babylonian in 1750 BCE would have had to labor fifty hours to acquire the for an hour of light by oil lam…
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Cost of Coal: Electric Bills Skyrocket in Appalachia as Region’s Economy Collapses | InsideClimate News
As natural gas and renewables get cheaper elsewhere, residents in Appalachia are stuck paying for coal-fired power plants that no longer make economic sense.
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Coal lobby's push for lower black lung tax clashed with U.S. studies | Reuters
(Reuters) - U.S. coal companies lobbied Congress to allow a drop in their payments to help miners with black lung disease by arguing the incurable ailment was in decline and a victims’ trust fund was financially healthy, assertions contradicted by government findings, according to documents seen by Reuters.
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Being Pragmatic About the Transition to an Environmentally Sustainable Economy
While we need to speed up the sustainability transition if possible, another transition is also underway, as the developing world, especially the 2 billion people in India and China, race to develop as quickly as possible. Just as development in the West included some foolish and short-sighted environmental errors, we are seeing similar disasters at a larger and faster pace in the developing world.
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The Top Perks Of Geothermal Energy For Cooling
Harnessing geothermal energy for any home is something that comes with a variety of advantages. Here is everything you wanted to know about geothermal and the wonderful benefits that result!
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