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MIT Researchers Develop a System That Can Store Thermal Energy for Hours
Phase Change Material with controllable return to solid.
" After ultraviolet light is applied to the material, it remains in a liquid state even in the absence of heat. A second pulse of light prompts the compound to change into a solid once again and release the energy."
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Bid to Revive U.S. Solar Factories Faces Familiar Job-Killer - Bloomberg
A bankrupt Georgia company is pushing to revive U.S. solar manufacturing with a trade case that’s headed for the president’s desk. The simmering dispute from Suniva Inc. stands a good chance of leading to import tariffs, but don’t expect that to bring the jobs back.
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What happens if we burn all the fossil fuels? | Ars Technica
It has been decades since we recognized the threat of climate change, yet very few governments have instituted policies that address the threat. The first strong international agreement was only established very recently.
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