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Mini Diary
Simple and secure journal app
tools  diary  journal  encrypted 
2 days ago by jakobb
Encrypt My Photos
Store pictures in the cloud (like Google Photos),
but in a privacy-friendly and decentralized way thanks to Blockstack technology.
photosharing  photos  storage  encrypted 
6 days ago by pivic
restic/restic: Fast, secure, efficient backup program
Fast, secure, efficient backup program. Contribute to restic/restic development by creating an account on GitHub.
backups  encrypted  golang  linux  cli  sysadmin  maintenance 
9 days ago by po
Encrypted private key detected, but no passphrase given · Issue #137 · pstadler/flightplan
If you get this error go to terminal and type in: ssh-add -K path/to/my_key

encrypted  private  key  error  message  ssh  command  cli  fix 
9 days ago by aahner
Recall — Your decentralized photo vault
Your new personal photo vault. We believe that photos are a true reflection of your life so you’ll want to keep them safe and private, storing them without any restrictions while retaining full ownership and privacy.
encrypted  photosharing  blockchain  blockstack  descentralised  photos  selfhosted 
18 days ago by d_licious
pikepdf/pikepdf: A Python library for reading and writing PDF, powered by qpdf
pikepdf is a Python library for reading and writing PDF files.

pikepdf is based on QPDF, a powerful PDF manipulation and repair library.

Python + QPDF = "py" + "qpdf" = "pyqpdf", which looks like a dyslexia test. Say it out loud, and it sounds like "pikepdf".
pdf  commandline  CLI  python  library  encrypted  extract  password  readprotected  pikepdf  pyqpdf 
20 days ago by pauljacobson
Invoking a PGP encrypted lambda web service with 5 lines of code | Gaiasoul
I have just now released a new version of Phosphorus Five, where one of the major new features is that it is now dead simple to invoke and create "PGP enabled lambda web services". A "lambda web service" is basically a web service where the client supplies the code that is to be executed in…
pgp  encrypted  cryptography  webservice  howto 
23 days ago by gilberto5757
Sync | Secure Cloud Storage — Privacy Guaranteed
Store, share and access your files from everywhere with Sync.
cloud  sync  encrypted  privacy  storage  backup  encryption 
8 weeks ago by obear
Sharing passwords using gopass, git and gpg | Willy's blog
Share secrets between team members, manage your personal password, multi device, gpg, happiness.
sharing  password  encrypted  archive  secret  howto  gopass 
8 weeks ago by gilberto5757
RT : A white-hat hacker breaks into French government's newly launched secure end-to-end messaging app—dubbed…
encrypted  from twitter
8 weeks ago by gaelicWizard
A white-hat hacker breaks into French government's newly launched secure end-to-end messaging app—dubbed…
encrypted  from twitter_favs
8 weeks ago by timerickson

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