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No change yet to phase-in of $15 minimum wage as Ontario tweaks labour reform bill
"A major Ontario labour reform bill is being tweaked but so far is seeing no significant changes to key parts, including a
controversial phase-in of a $15 minimum wage"
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12 hours ago by jamesshelley
People Start Hating Their Jobs at Age 35 - Bloomberg
The shiny newness of life in the workforce begins to wear off.
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yesterday by tekbuddha
People Start Hating Their Jobs at Age 35 - Bloomberg
The shiny newness of life in the workforce begins to wear off.
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yesterday by jorgebarba
The “Work from Home” Dream Doesn’t Work | WIRED
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5 days ago by inspiral
How to Determine if Candidates Will Thrive in a Remote Work Environment
I’ve made stellar hires who have propelled my company’s success. I’ve also made some bad hiring decisions. In the last decade, our bad hires have cost Articulate several million dollars. And we’re…
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6 days ago by e2b
The Future of Jobs - Reports - World Economic Forum
Today, we are at the beginning of a Fourth Industrial Revolution. Developments in genetics, artificial intelligence, robotics, nanotechnology, 3D printing and biotechnology, to name just a few, are all building on and amplifying one another. This will lay the foundation for a revolution more comprehensive and all-encompassing than anything we have ever seen. Smart systems—homes, factories, farms, grids or cities—will help tackle problems ranging from supply chain management to climate change. The rise of the sharing economy will allow people to monetize everything from their empty house to their car. 
6 days ago by generoche49

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