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The secret lives of Google raters | Ars Technica UK
"Raters are encouraged to take weekly quizzes to keep up to date with changes and to make sure their task responses are in line with other raters. They say they are not paid for this re-training or testing, even though it can take a few hours every week."
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21 hours ago by niksilver
A job for life: the ‘new economy’ and the rise of the artisan career
Two of the titles include references to the “new economy” — the word “new”, in this context, being essentially a synonym for “knowledge-based”. A new economy is one where the generator of exchange value — wealth — has shifted from material goods to knowledge and ideas. Aside from a sense of precariousness, its key features include: the rise of industries such as information technology, pharmaceuticals and nanotechnology; a growing separation between “elite” service jobs, such as those in finance and law, and those in sectors such as cleaning and food provision; and, in physical terms, the transform­ation of rundown emblems of the industrial past (such as factories and docklands) into vibrant “urban hubs”.
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“Inclusion” is not for outsiders – Fits and Starts – Medium
By celebrating the inclusion of insiders — people of different genders and races who have been pre-assimilated into Silicon Valley via Harvard or Georgetown or Stanford — the industry misdirects attention from the inclusion of actual outsiders. We don’t change much by publicizing that we have hired people that we would have hired anyway. Under the current philosophy the rich (and this includes culturally and educationally rich) only get richer. You’re a woman who went to Harvard, we have a job for you! You are an African American engineer from MIT, we have 6 competing offers! That’s not to say that these candidates aren’t fantastic, they are. It’s saying that we’re not looking past race and gender to other forms of socioeconomic mobility.
inclusion  employment  diversity  review  personalaccount  author:NaithanJones  Medium  2017 
3 days ago by inspiral
It’s Not Just Uber | Jacobin
On top of income, life’s practical realities make the sudden withdrawal of labor extremely onerous. Even if you could find a new employer right away, are you really going to disrupt your children’s school year, leave your community, break your lease or sell your house, give up the fringe benefits from your current job (in Fowler’s case, sponsorship for an advanced computer science degree at Stanford), and, — let’s say you do care about the work — abandon projects, colleagues, clients, and studen...
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4 days ago by jflanagan
Minnesota Works.Net – Jobs in Minnesota
Create or upload an online resume; Match your resume to job openings; Perform advanced job searches; Have employers contact you directly;
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