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Mint and Mirrors
“Isn’t he gorgeous?” Anna sang, leaning on the counter as she sighed. Kristoff muttered in a dark breath about how he’d just cleaned it. Elsa turned from the drink she was working on so see which man her sister had fallen in love with this time.

Hans/Elsa coffee-shop AU
Frozen  Hans/Elsa  author:AlphaKantSpell  romance  pre-romance  minor-Kristoff/Anna  AU  Coffee-Shop-AU  first-meetings  observation  empaths  phobias  one-shot  site:AO3  word-count:1-5k 
february 2018 by SHSL_Fangirl
Breathe Sideways by ganymead
The proof of their lives lie in a little death to the tune of a blue dawn.

[An AU in which empathy exists, and it sucks.]
John_Sherlock  grief_mourning  angst  hurt_comfort  complete  empaths  Sherlock(BBC)  oneshot  magical_realism  first_time  rating:M  length:9k 
november 2012 by emi.caro

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accidents  alternating-pov  angst-with-a-happy-ending  angst  anxiety  around  article  au  aura  author:alanwolfmoon  author:alphakantspell  author:greeneyesblue  author:lily_winterwood  author:palaserece  avoidance  bedside-vigils  black-eye/s  blood  breakups  burn_out  canonical-character-death  coffee-shop-au  coma  complete  confrontations  crossover  crying  cuddling  deception  deduction  delicious  disabilities  drowsiness  emotion-sharing  emotional-healing  emotional-hurt/comfort  emotional-pain-sharing  emotions  empathy  established-relationship  experiments  fatigue  fic  firing  first-meetings  first_time  flashbacks  freeze  frottage  frozen  grief_mourning  hangovers  hans/elsa  headaches  healing-powers  hospitalisation  house/chase  housem.d.  house’s-leg-pain  humour  hurt!chase  hurt!house  hurt!john  hurt!sherlock  hurt/comfort  hurt_comfort  implied/referenced-child-abuse  inauthentic  indigo  infidelity  jealousy  john_sherlock  lacerations  length:9k  lip-reading  literally-sleeping-together  living-together  loss-of-consciousness  loss-of-virginity  love-confessions  magical_realism  massages  mild-sexual-content  minor-character-death  minor-chase/cameron  minor-kristoff/anna  motorcycles  moving-in-together  nausea  near-death  nightmares  observation  one-shot  oneshot  ooc!cameron  pain-sharing  people  phobias  physical-support  piano-playing  pining!house  pining  pre-romance  psychic-links  psychology  psychopathy  rating:m  romance  s1/2/3  scars  sentinel-au  sentinels-and-guides-are-known  sexual-content  sherlock/john  sherlock(bbc)  sherlockbbc  site:ao3  soul-connections  spirituality  telepathy  vomiting  why  word-count:1-5k  word-count:10-20k  word-count:5-10k       

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