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2018: The Year of Emoji Convergence?
For years, different emoji sets have been causing problems in communicating a simple emotion. Send a grimace on iOS? Get a grin everywhere else. Send a grin from a Galaxy? Get an eye-roll everywhere else. This could be changing in 2018.
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2 days ago by moonhouse
A Chess Piece is Emojified
157 new emojis are coming in 2018, but two of these are already Unicode characters. What does it mean to be turned into an emoji?
Included in the new 2018 emoji list is a chess pawn. This has been around in the Unicode Standard since 1993, but is about to get an upgrade. It's going to be Emojified.
Above: Chess Pawn is a new emoji coming in 2018.
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2 days ago by rgl7194
Jeremy Burge on Twitter: "…also in emoji news this week: Samsung quietly moved the cheese directly on top of the burger patty 😊… "
…also in emoji news this week: Samsung quietly moved the cheese directly on top of the burger patty 😊
8 days ago by danwin

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