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Event-Driven Architecture Is the Wave of the Future
"Gartner calls EDA a design paradigm. At its highest level, a software component, or event, executes a response to receiving one or more event notifications. A key feature is that the server component that sends the notification does not know which component is on the receiving end."
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september 2017 by jonerp
Understanding Angular’s $scope and $rootScope event system $emit, $broadcast and $on
Angular's $emit, $broadcast and $on fall under the common "publish/subscribe" design pattern, or can do, in which you'd publish an event and subscribe/unsubscribe to it somewhere else. The Angular event system is brilliant, it makes things flawless and easy to do (as you'd expect!) but the concept behind it isn't so simple to master and you can often be left wondering why things don't work as you thought they might.

For those who are new to Angular and haven't used or seen $emit, $broadcast or $on, let's clarify what they do before we look at $scope and $rootScope event and scope relationships and how to utilise the event system correctly - as well as understand what's really going on.
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june 2014 by heliostatic

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