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Green number plates ‘could boost sales of electric cars’ in UK | Environment | The Guardian
Behavioural insights unit proposes new colour for registration plates to help ‘normalise the idea of clean vehicles’
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september 2018 by fdedic
World Greenhouse Gas Emissions: 2005 | World Resources Institute
The best diagram to understand the efficiency of policies targeting emissions
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november 2017 by paunit
Lithium Australia to outline its low strategy at the Low Emission and Technology Minerals Conference…
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november 2017 by rhyndes
EU urges use of roadside sensors on car emissions
Until the beginning of this month, all official tests were done only in a laboratory, but now cars coming on the road have to pass a Real Driving Emissions (RDE) test.

"We have to move on from the very dumb form of testing that we have at the moment, where we put a specially prepared vehicle into a laboratory," said clean transport campaigner Greg Archer, from the environmentalist organisation Transport & Environment.
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october 2017 by henningninneh
Alcaline : tout sur l'émission, news et vidéos en replay - France 2
Du lundi au vendredi vers 20h40, Alcaline traitera en 6 minutes de l’actualité musicale à travers des séquences variées : rencontres, évènements, agenda,… Le
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december 2016 by jc.duponq

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