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Foundwork Artist Prize
The Foundwork Artist Prize is a new juried grant for an outstanding artist chosen on Foundwork. The winner will receive an unrestricted $10,000 grant to support their practice, as well as a studio visit with each of the jurors to encourage a dialogue around the winner's work.

All US-based artists with profiles on Foundwork will be considered, which sets the Foundwork Artist Prize apart from other industry awards where candidates have to be personally nominated by people on selection committees. In this way, the prize reflects the site's larger purpose to be a resource for artists regardless of their prior access or recognition. To this end, the selection process for the prize will ignore exhibition history and focus only on artwork and artist statements published on Foundwork.
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4 days ago by risdgrants
List of emerging technologies - Wikipedia
Just what it says. Fascinating. Hundreds of links and explains.
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6 weeks ago by brentfarwick

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