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Was Florida Shooter Nikolas Cruz Mentally Ill? - The Atlantic
Very few mentally ill people are violent but those who are can be dangerous: how the system is failing
mental  illness  violence  law  enforcement  florida  pennsylvania  comparison  sheriff  emergency  room  prison 
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RT hvac Q&A: What does the switch on my pump do and when do I need to use it?…
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4 days ago by CHCP
What Type Of Fire Evacuation Plan Is Best For Your Business
Depending on the size and type of business you have, there are different methods of fire evacuation. Here is some information on the types of fire evacuation plans.
fire-evacuation  fire-safety  emergency 
9 days ago by Adventure_Web
RT hvac Q&A: What does the switch on my pump do and when do I need to use it?…
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10 days ago by CHCP
Common Mistakes To Avoid During A House Fire
A house fire is always a terrifying situation, and people inside the home have to make extremely quick decisions to save their life. It’s critical to be prepared for an emergency to strike at any time, and knowing the most common mistakes made can help you make the correct choices in a scary situation.
house-fire  fire  emergency 
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RT hvac Q&A: What does the switch on my pump do and when do I need to use it?…
emergency  HVAC  heat  from twitter
16 days ago by CHCP
3 Benefits Of LED Emergency Lighting
Commercial emergency lights are an essential part of a building’s fire safety, as they provide illumination when other lights fail.
led  emergency  lighting 
18 days ago by Adventure_Web
The Best Fireproof Document Safe: Reviews by Wirecutter | A New York Times Company
Everyone has crucial documents—birth certificates, passports, old photographs, and more—that would be difficult or impossible to replace in the event of a disaster. For things you need easy access to, a fireproof document safe can make more sense than an off-site security deposit box. After subjecting five top-rated models to an actual trial by fire, we found that First Alert’s safes are the best for most homes, and we specifically recommend the First Alert 2017F.
Last updated: January 30, 2018
Our also great pick for hanging file folders, the First Alert 2603DF, has been discontinued. We’ve replaced it with the similarly-sized First Alert 2037F, since we prefer the company’s safes in general.
Our pick
First Alert 2017F
Small, sturdy, and proven
The safes in this family kept our valuables protected from extreme heat and high-pressure water. This is a small version that’s great for personal documents.
Buy from Amazon
$40 from First Alert Store
*At the time of publishing, the price was $40.
We exposed a group of safes to real-world, 1,300 °F conditions in a specially constructed burn room (nearly melting our GoPro camera along the way), then blasted the charred safes with a fire hose and opened them with an ax. A larger version of the 2017F, made with the same materials and locking mechanism, kept a flash drive, a DVD, printed photos, and a newspaper free from fire and water damage in our burn. It’s large enough to hold 8½-by-11-inch sheets of paper without your having to fold them, and it’s as affordable as any other safe offering the same capacity and features. The key-based locking mechanism isn’t fancy, but it is secure.
safety  record  home_stuff  emergency  disaster  wirecutter  comparo  review 
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RT hvac Q&A: What does the switch on my pump do and when do I need to use it?…
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