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4 days ago by vimoh
Adapting Housing First to the Emergency Shelter Context
"With the help of a $200,108 Community Vitality Grant, Unity Project is systematically changing the way we address the issue of homelessness by adapting housing first practices to the emergency shelter context."
crhesi  radar  housing  first  ldnont  homeless  emergency  shelter 
10 days ago by jamesshelley
What My Family Needs To Know - state.gov
US Government document to record emergency information
usa  emergency  documentation  information 
13 days ago by cd
The Big Book Of Everything
Huge document intended for use to record all important information on your life
organisation  information  documentation  emergency 
13 days ago by cd
Get to know your Emergency Kit - 1Password
Understand your 1Password emergency kit and what you can do with it
1password  security  passwords  emergency 
13 days ago by cd
Survival Condo
Luxury doomsday underground bunkers available in USA
usa  survival  emergency  prepping  housing 
13 days ago by cd
Doomsday planning for less crazy folk
A realistic and actionable essay on preparing for the doomsday
doomsday  emergency  survival  prepping  risk 
13 days ago by cd
How To Survive A Mass Shooting
Practical tips on dealing with an active shooter
guns  shooting  terrorism  survival  emergency 
13 days ago by cd
8 Effective Tips to Protect Your Computer Data from Natural Disasters
To be honest, it is difficult to predict and prevent natural disasters, such as flood, hurricane, and earthquake and so on. In those cases, what we can do is to try best to protect our vital assets, like our computers with internal data. In this post, we will teach you 8 useful tips to safeguard your PC from natural disasters.
cloud  Computer  Data  Emergency  Plan  Hard  Drive  Natural  Disasters  Offsite  Backups  outlook  recovery  Uninterruptible  Power  Supply 
15 days ago by DataNumen

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