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RT : Interested in systems and development in ? Join us next year for OxidizeConf in Berlin! Inf…
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5 days ago by Xylakant
Interested in systems and development in ? Join us next year for OxidizeConf in Berlin! Inf…
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5 days ago by Density21.5
10 rules for developing safer firmware
Not new, but of considerable interest to firmware developers: The Power of Ten - Rules for Developing Safety Critical Code, by Gerard J. Holzmann. The paper discusses ten rules JPL uses to improve their code. From the concluding paragraph: "These ten rules are being used experimentally at JPL in the writing of mission critical software, with encouraging results. After overcoming a healthy initial reluctance to live within such strict confines, developers often find that compliance with the rules...
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7 days ago by vitaminCPP
SRecord 1.64 hex file manipulation
Supports conversion text and binary data for EPROMs for CPUs and FPGA bitstreams to/from many formats primarily Intel Hex and Motorola S-record, but including Atmel bootstrap, Mostek KIM-1 paper tape, PDP-11 "formatted binary" paper tape, PIC, Signetics, Spectrum, Tektronix, TI-TXT for MSP430 bootstrap, TRS-80 object file; and ROM monitor data load/dump formats such as COSMAC 1802 Elf IDIOT. Also source code output as data arrays for assembler, BASIC, C, FORTH, Verilog vmem, VHDL.

Available as command-line filters and C++ functions.

Additional utilities provide generation of constant, random or repeated data values for flooding memory or ROMs, and filters to byte-swap, crop, extract, fill and move or offset portions of ROM images and set length values, checksums and CRCs, and to split and merge words into parallel ROMs (e.g. alternate bytes in 2x 8-bit ROMs to make a 16-bit image, or reverse).
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7 days ago by stu-rem
kidoman/embd: Embedded Programming Framework in Go
Embedded Programming Framework in Go. Contribute to kidoman/embd development by creating an account on GitHub.
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8 days ago by jabbrwcky

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