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Zero embargo publishers - Google Sheets
Liste collaborative des éditeurs qui autorisent le dépôt des postprints sans embargo
embargo  self-archiving  policy  green  publishers 
march 2019 by marlened
Liberation Under Siege | Liberación Bajo Asedio on Vimeo
"Following the triumph of the Cuban Revolution, which successfully fended off imperial aggression by the United States, the United States imposed an economic trade blockade as punishment, which has continued to be in place for the past 60 years. The US has undertaken repeated attempts to plunder the Cuban people through genocidal measures, which has been met with the staunch resilience of the Cuban people, who continue to have faith and confidence in the socialist principles of the Revolution, despite the blockade materially impacting their everyday lives.

“Liberation Under Siege” examines the material conditions cultivated by the destructive blockade through the experiences and stories of everyday Cubans, and reclaim the imperialist narrative pushed by the United States through billions of dollars.

Filmed, Directed, and Edited by:

Priya Prabhakar
Reva Kreeger
Sabrina Meléndez"
cuba  2019  excess  us  foreignpolicy  interviews  education  healthcare  medicine  socialism  food  highereducation  highered  politics  blockade  embargo  poverty  equality  economics  race  gender  sexuality  priyaprabhakar  revakreeger  sabrinameléndez  video  small  slow  consumerism  materialism  capitalism  less  environment  values  success  health  imperialism  media  propaganda  resourcefulness  trade 
march 2019 by robertogreco
Leveraging Elsevier’s Creative Commons License Requirement to Undermine Embargo | Bolick | Journal of Copyright in Education & Librarianship
In the last round of author-sharing policy revisions, Elsevier created a labyrinthine title-by-title embargo structure requiring embargoes from 12 to 48 months for authors sharing via institutional repository (IR), while permitting immediate sharing via an author’s personal website or blog. At the same time, all prepublication versions are to bear a Creative Commons-Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivatives (CC-BY-NC-ND) license. At the time this policy was announced, it was criticized by many in...
embargo  elsevier  creativecommons  licensing  postprint  IR 
august 2018 by marlened
python sweetness — The mysterious case of the Linux Page Table isolations patch
Un blog post analysant les patchs récents KAISER/KPTI appliqués sur le noyau linux et en déduit qu'il y a un bug CPU sérieux qui est sous embargo
meltdown  embargo  kernel  linux  security 
january 2018 by lucasg
What Coinbase's Cuba Problem Says About the Bitcoin Business - CoinDesk
UK citizen banned from Coinbase because he happened to check his balance while transiting through a Cuban airport
against  Coinbase  embargo  Cuba 
october 2017 by dandv

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