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There’s Just No Consensus On the Size of Ad Fraud Right Now - eMarketer Trends, Forecasts & Statistics
“Anyone who is detecting fraud is still only detecting the types of fraud that they’ve figured out how to detect,” said eMarketer principal analyst Nicole Perrin.

On the advertiser’s end, not all marketers are getting all their impressions verified. For companies that can afford to do so, they may only be checking a percentage of impressions and then that gets extrapolated into a larger picture. Smaller advertisers don’t have the budget to use verification services, so those numbers are not captured at all.
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25 days ago by JohnDrake
eMarketer Reduces US Time Spent Estimates for Facebook and Snapchat - eMarketer Trends, Forecasts & Statistics
Average daily time spent on the platform by US adult users fell by 3 minutes in 2018. And that time will remain unchanged this year, per the latest eMarketer forecast on US time spent with media. In fact, we have reduced our forecast for Facebook compared with the previous figures released in Q3 2018.


This year, US adult Facebook users will spend an average of 38 minutes per day on the platform (on all devices), down 2 minutes from our previous forecast. In 2020, average daily time will drop to 37 minutes.
Facebook  emarketer 
7 weeks ago by JohnDrake
US Digital Ad Spending Will Surpass Traditional in 2019 - eMarketer Trends, Forecasts & Statistics
Total digital ad spending in the US will grow 19% to $129.34 billion this year—54.2% of estimated total US ad spending. And mobile will continue its dominance, accounting for more than two-thirds of digital ad spending, at $87.06 billion this year.

Also for the first time, the combined share of the duopoly (Google and Facebook) will drop, even as their revenues grow. Google’s share will drop to 37.2% from 38.2% last year; Facebook’s share will drop to 22.1% from 21.8% last year.
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february 2019 by JohnDrake
Getting Customer Experience Right - eMarketer
Currently, most marketers are not looking at context as part of their segmentation strategy. A study conducted by CMO Council and RedPoint Global in March 2018 found that a majority of respondents segmented their audiences according to basic demographic attributes, as well as behavioral data like search and past purchases. But just 11% were using intent analysis, and only 22% used psychographic data for segmentation. Marketers may be taking behavior into account, but they’re largely ignoring context and emotion.
emarketer  customer_experience  cx 
june 2018 by JohnDrake
Understanding Younger Baby Boomers' Digital Usage - eMarketer
In a Pew Research Center poll from January 2018, 39% of 18- to 29-year-olds and 36% of 30- to 49-year-olds said they use the internet “almost constantly.” In the 50-to-64 age bracket, less than a quarter (17%) said the same.
boomers  babyboomer  emarketer  pew 
june 2018 by JohnDrake
Users Are Souring on Ad Tracking - eMarketer
Nearly 70% of those polled said they would like to see the US enact a law similar to the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which states that a user's data can only be used if they give a company permission to do so. The provision of the GDPR that respondents most wanted to see applied in the US is an individual's right to ask companies to delete the data they have collected.
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may 2018 by JohnDrake
What Marketers Prioritize When Choosing DMPs - eMarketer
According to a January 2018 survey of US ad and marketing professionals conducted by Advertiser Perceptions, ad inventory discovery is the top criterion that drives DMP selection.

DMPs help marketers find the inventory they seek by creating custom audience segments. Identifying target audiences then helps programmatic buyers
emarketer  dmp  insights_analytics  data 
april 2018 by JohnDrake
Facebook scandal will not damage social adspend growth | WARC
New research has dismissed suggestions that the Facebook data scandal will significantly alter the course of advertising spend, as social media, a channel expected to receive a 25.4% of digital ad spend this year, looks to survive through growing public anger.

This is according to an eMarketer study, taken before the scandal erupted, which found that £3.3bn will be spent on social media channels this year, an increase of 24% year-on-year.
adspending  emarketer  Facebook  warc  socialmedia 
april 2018 by JohnDrake
US TV Ad Spending to Fall in 2018 - eMarketer
With cord-cutting accelerating and over-the-top (OTT) viewing on the rise, outlays on TV ads will slip 0.5% in 2018 to $69.87 billion. As a result, TV’s share of total US media ad expenditures will drop from 33.9% in 2017 to 31.6% this year.

TV ad spending will see a slight uptick in 2020 (due to the US presidential election and Summer Olympics in Tokyo), but it will sink back to negative territory in the following years and fall to less than a quarter of total ad spend by 2022.
emarketer  tv  adspending 
march 2018 by JohnDrake
Consumers Want Brands to Take a Stand - eMarketer
Respondents to Sprout Social's poll felt most strongly about human rights: Nearly six in 10 (58%) of those polled thought brands should take a position on the issue no matter what. That figure rose to 83% when combined with those who wanted companies to take a stance only if it related to their products or services.
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january 2018 by JohnDrake

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