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‘Pissed’ Ari Emanuel Called Jared Kushner to Vent About Saudi Khashoggi Fiasco
Emanuel, oft branded the “King of Hollywood,” was close enough friends with Trump that during the presidential transition, the president-elect invited his former agent for a private meeting—despite their political differences and Emanuel’s open support for Trump’s 2016 Democratic opponent, Hillary Clinton. A few months later, Emanuel co-founded a political action committee with Endeavor executive chairman Patrick Whitesell to engage politicians during the Trump era.

Trump campaign sources previously recounted to The Daily Beast that Trump would talk about Emanuel with high, gushing praise, with one former senior aide likening Trump’s affinity for the Hollywood “king” to a “man crush.”

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter in mid-2016, Trump claimed that Emanuel is “a very good friend of mine” who “calls me a lot,” and—according to Trump’s characterization of a private conversation—had even offered to help make a pro-Trump mini-movie for the 2016 Republican National Convention. “I call him a lot and we talk,” Trump said. “He gets it. You’re shocked to hear that, right [about the alleged convention movie offer]? But, yeah, I might do something with Ari.”

Ultimately, the GOP convention came and went without any Emanuel-produced clip.
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RT : Or "feel safe going to a" high school (), an elementary school (), a church (), a night…
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june 2017 by garrett
Rahm Emanuel has serious Dem primary opponent in run for Chicago mayoral re-election
Emanuel's opponent, Garcia, is more populist Elizabeth Warren-like and paints Rahm as an Establishment Dem who has too close ties to Wall Street and does not meet the needs of the 99%. Obama campaigning for Rahm
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february 2015 by LadiesCanWeTalk

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