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19 hours ago by awhite
RT : 4 big reasons your Campaigns are being ignored: by
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19 hours ago by ormg
9 Tips to Improve Deliverability and Avoid Spam Folder by via…
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21 hours ago by marketplicity
Which industries reach the email inbox the most? | Smart Insights
For email marketers, the prospect of your emails not reaching the inbox has been a consistent worry. Email services for consumers (Gmail, Outlook etc) are always trying to do the best for their users and have protection in place so spammy looking emails don't clog up their inboxes. This level of protection means that 1 in 5 emails don't reach the intended recipient.
In a recent report by Return Path the email delivery experts on average, 85% of emails from all industries globally ever reach the recipient's email inbox.
Banking & finance, distribution & manufacturing, and travel marketers are achieving the best inbox placement rate with 90% or more emails hitting the inbox
On the flip side, automotive, education/nonprofit/government, and social & dating industries are having a harder time reaching their audience with inbox placement rates of less than 78%.
email  stats  automotive  finance  ecommerce  luxury 
23 hours ago by dancall

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