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Elm Weekly — Issue #50
The wonderful world of the Elm programming language, in your inbox.
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3 days ago by lenards
Playing With Prisms ∷ [ toast.al ]
One way to deal with a <select> input value is using a Prism from a union type to a string and maybe back.
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23 days ago by lenards
browser/navigation-in-elements.md at 1.0.0 · elm/browser
Create Elm programs that run in browsers! Contribute to elm/browser development by creating an account on GitHub.
elm  elm-0.19  elm-lang 
24 days ago by lenards
toastal/select-prism: Use a Monocle Prism to handle <select> conflict between ADTs and Strings
Use a Monocle Prism to handle <select> conflict between ADTs and Strings - toastal/select-prism
elm  elm-lang  modules  examples  interesting 
28 days ago by lenards
A 0.19 Update Experience Report - Show and Tell - Elm Discourse
I just completed updating my photo album app to 0.19! :slight_smile:
I kept all my incremental work in small commits on a branch in case anyone’s curious to look them over individually. But mainly I wanted to share my&hellip;
elm-lang  elm-0.19  advice 
11 weeks ago by lenards
Thoughts on the Elm repl - Request Feedback - Elm Discourse
I use the Elm repl quite a bit, and think it would be much more useful
if one could more easily enter multi-line code. One possiblity
would be to have a mode in which input is terminated by by typing
a period, so tha&hellip;
elm  elm-lang  elm-repl  repl 
november 2018 by lenards
IBM releases Elm-powered app - Show and Tell - Elm Discourse
Hi fellow Elmers,
IBM has just released Decision Composer, a free and limited offering of our Operational Decision Management (ODM - ex ILOG JRules) product.
A good portion of the front end is written in Elm, so I thou&hellip;
elm  testimony  elm-lang 
november 2018 by lenards

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