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Madam President? Five Candidates on What It Will Take to Shatter the Most Stubborn Glass Ceiling | Vogue
Good quick chats with five of the women candidates on the issues and the role sexism plays in their election chances.
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2 days ago by UltraNurd
RT : this is a nuanced, clear thread on 's history of problematic Cherokee/DNA claims & relations with I…
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28 days ago by jessogden
RT : Glad wants to ban private prisons.

But I don't trust her to *lead* on this.

She didn't co-sponso…
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29 days ago by jstenner
Ending Private Prisons and Exploitation for Profit - Team Warren - Medium
Stop contractors from charging service fees for essential services. Companies shouldn’t be able to treat incarcerated individuals as captive profit centers. We should prohibit contractors from charging incarcerated and detained people for basic services they need, like phone calls, bank transfers, and healthcare. I’ll also keep contractors from imposing exploitative price markups on other services they provide, like commissary or package services. And I’ll prohibit companies from charging for re-entry, supervision, and probation services, too — because no one should have to pay for their own incarceration, whether it’s inside a facility or outside of one.
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4 weeks ago by brycecovert
Cos on Twitter: "@BernieSanders This is a great example of why I support your policies but not you. ...
This is a great example of why I support your policies but not you. You should be supporting and saying positive things about candidates with similar goals, not implying they're agents of the opposition. Didn't you learn your lesson from undermining Clinton in 2016?

Re: The cat is out of the bag. The corporate wing of the Democratic Party is publicly "anybody but Bernie." They know our progressive agenda of Medicare for All, breaking up big banks, taking on drug companies and raising wages is the real threat to the billionaire class.
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4 weeks ago by coslinks

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