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Testing in Elixir:: Chapter 1: Introduction – hoodsuphopeshigh – Medium
There are countless blogs that involve selling the dream of testing , so why not get some easy Medium claps by doing another? So, why should you test? Aside from all the business benefits, the main…
5 hours ago by wurlitzer
Elixir learning: Deploying a Phoenix app to Heroku (Elixir 1.7)
Elixir-learning screencast and notes: Deploying a Phoenix app to Heroku (Elixir 1.7)
(tagged: Deployment, Phoenix, Heroku)
phoenix  elixir  heroku  deployment 
yesterday by HusseinMorsy
Best practices for deploying Elixir apps
Best practices for deploying Elixir and Phoenix apps, with a working example
elixir  deployment 
2 days ago by the-kenny
hashrocket/tilex: Today I Learned in Elixir
creates a "today i learned" site with support for code examples (i think it's primarily for that)
webapp  opensource  elixir 
2 days ago by masukomi
GitHub - boydm/scenic
Scenic is a client application framework written directly on the Elixir/Erlang/OTP stack. With it you can build applications that operate identically across all supported operating systems, including MacOS, Ubuntu, Nerves/Linux, and more.
4 days ago by raygrasso

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