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Rage, rapture and pure populism: on the road with Nigel Farage | Politics | The Guardian
Either way, Farage concedes he has “never had a more straightforward message. And never have the other side made it easier.” Why had he not once used the word immigration in his speech? “Five years ago the burning issue in this country was open-doors immigration. And right now, it is not the burning issue. The burning issue is Brexit. Purely Brexit.”
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28 days ago by petej
'The Class Ceiling' Decodes the Cultures of Elite Workplaces - The Atlantic
When two sociologists interviewed highly paid architects, TV producers, actors, and accountants, they encountered work cultures that favor the already affluent.
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march 2019 by po
The class pay gap: why it pays to be privileged | Society | The Guardian
The long read: Within Britain’s elite occupations, the advantages of class are still mistaken for talent
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march 2019 by zesteur
The real Goldfinger: the London banker who broke the world | News | The Guardian
The true story of how the City of London invented offshore banking – and set the rich free
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february 2019 by zesteur
Davos Elites Love to Advocate for Equality - So Long As Nothing Gets Done -
“Bizarrely, this return to the industrial relations and tax policies of the early 19th century has been spearheaded by people who speak the language of equality, respect, participation, and transparency. The annual gathering in Davos, in that regard, is not just a display of the elites’ financial superiority. It is also supposed to showcase their moral superiority. This is in line with a longstanding trend: Over the past fifty years, the language of equality has been harnessed in the pursuit of the most structurally inegalitarian policies.”
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january 2019 by cbearden

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