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Get Loud - hetrez - The Magicians (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Eliot waved his arms, nearly spilling the sparkling water. He said, “I don’t have bad sex, okay? I’m not built like that.” That was a lie, the ghosts in his happy place knew how much that was a lie. What he meant was that he didn’t have bad sex with Quentin. They never had, it was like a law of nature or something. Except tonight was apparently going to break a 53-year record, goddammit.

“Well, you certainly had bad something,” Margo said.

Or: look, everybody hits a slump sometimes, okay?
fic  slash  author:hetrez  the.magicians  quentin.coldwater  eliot.waugh  quentin/eliot  bad.sex 
april 2019 by partofthewhole
Yes and Yes and Maybe Yes - hetrez - The Magicians (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
When Eliot was in the happy place, after he’d gained control of his body and then lost it again, he’d told himself he would do absolutely anything to make things right. Turns out “absolutely anything” is pretty goddamn spectacular when you’re free, and healthy, and you’ve got the most beautiful man in the world so turned on he’s shaking, because you’re showing him all the ways that he can say, “No,” and you’ll listen to him.

Or: consent porn, with feelings.
fic  slash  the.magicians  author:hetrez  eliot.waugh  quentin.coldwater  eliot/quentin 
april 2019 by partofthewhole
Pricked thee out for young men's pleasure - Petra - The Magicians (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Two bright young things meet at a party freshman year, get on well, and get it on; or, on his quest to become himself, Eliot finds a role model in Margo.
fic  het  queer  author:petra  the.magicians  eliot.waugh  margo.hanson  eliot/margo  pre-canon  pegging 
march 2019 by partofthewhole

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