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Tech blog for system engineers, enthusiasts and hackers
gdb  strace  read  elf  debug  c  assembly  language  4* 
28 days ago by ianweatherhogg
Tech blog for system engineers, enthusiasts and hackers
gdb  strace  c  elf  assembly  language  debug  4* 
28 days ago by ianweatherhogg
goblin - Rust
libgoblin is a cross-platform trifecta of binary parsing and loading fun. It supports:

An ELF32/64 parser, and raw C structs
A 32/64-bit, zero-copy, endian aware, Mach-o parser, and raw C structs
A PE32/PE32+ (64-bit) parser, and raw C structs
A Unix archive parser and loader
rust  elf  parser 
6 weeks ago by kazuya
ELF Hello World Tutorial - Ciro Santilli
ELF format file description en detail
elf  format  file  linux 
7 weeks ago by lucasg

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