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Viewfinder Mountain Top Horizon Maps
Computer drawn panoramas from viewpoints. More than 200 panoramas from selected viewpoints.
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3 hours ago by steffenfiedler
Visualizing Large Scale 3D Terrain with Open Source Tools - HERE Developer
TIN Terrain is our new open source tool that generates TIN meshes from raster terrain. When used in combination with CesiumJS allows you to host your own state of the art 3D terrain map. We have provided a sample client application, complete with tiled TIN meshes for you to get started.
geography  mapping  vizicities  terrain  elevation  tiles  tin  dem  cesium  label:try_out 
7 weeks ago by robhawkes
Mapping and Visualization - Scott Reinhard
Scott Reinhard is a Brooklyn-based graphic designer. He works at the New York multi-disciplinary design studio 2 × 4 and was formerly a Senior Designer at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago and VSA Partners. Scott has taught in the Graduate Communications Design program at the Pratt Institute and holds a Master of Graphic Design from North Carolina State University.
maps  cartography  elevation 
9 weeks ago by shannon_mattern
planlauf/TERRAIN - Start
Visualization of Digital Elevation Models
terrain  dem  elevation  lidar  app  windows  3d 
october 2018 by robhawkes

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