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Watch 10 of my favorite shortcuts on the Octatrack - Octatrack - Elektronauts
There are thousands of shortcuts on the OT. Here are 10 of my favorites. Please let me know yours.

Cue + Tempo = Metronome
Track + Bank = Audio Editor
Recorder Setup FN + Bank = Recorder Menu
FN + Record, Stop = Cop…
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10 weeks ago by PBR
Digitakt / Digitone / AnalogHeat Rack Converter – Fraction Industries
Massively useful solution for holding two units together in universal 19" rack formation. Mix and match between Digitakt, Digitone or AnalogHeat! Included are eight stainless steel screws to hold the machine to it's backplate, and four sets of rack screws for holding the backplate to your rack. Note: the units themselv
november 2018 by katsuyaurushizaki
Support | Elektron
Get latest Analog Rytm firmware
september 2018 by lightningdb

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