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Electronic sensor projects
Electronics  projects 
yesterday by ptdecker
ESP8266 Power Latch | Hackaday.io
A small circuit to latch the power on when using an ESP8266 in a "Dash Button" style application
diy  arduino  power  latch  mosfet  deepsleep  iot  electronics 
2 days ago by vrobin
Pip - Digital Creation in your Pocket by Curious Chip — Kickstarter
Pip is the compact handheld device that puts the world of digital creation, curiosity & fun in your hands.

Make fun games, invent your own apps, play some retro classics or take control of objects around you! Pip is here to introduce the world of coding, to make it fun & easy. Start with drag & drop programing then go onto play with real code and invent endless possibilities with Pip.
raspberrypi  electronics  games  education  kickstarter 
3 days ago by ssorc

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