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DIY Smart Home Security? Meh..
DIY Smart Home Security? Meh.. - Added March 14, 2017 at 07:12AM
diy  electronics  home-automation  home-defense 
yesterday by xenocid
Examining a vintage RAM chip, I find a counterfeit with an entirely different die inside
Someone rebadged a knock-off MK5089 (touch-tone generator) as a 74LS189 RAM chip. This article covers the discovery and reverse-engineering
electronics  reverse_engineering  history 
yesterday by mechazoidal
micro:bit : BBC micro:bit pins
info on pins including which pins on the edge connector are connected internally to other components on the board. eg: pullups on the button pins, pins that can only do GPIO when the led matrix is off, etc.
microbit  microcontroller  electronics  physicalcomputing  wearables 
yesterday by robduarte

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