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Ultimate Writer: an Open Digital Typewriter
TL;DR: A digital typewriter based on a Raspberry Pi and an E-Ink screen. The code/build instructions are available on GitHub . I am easily distracted. This is…
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22 hours ago by stevesong
ornament & crime
ornament & crime (o_C) is a collaborative open-source project by Patrick Dowling, mxmxmx, and Tim Churches.
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yesterday by jojobong
Contact cleaner Deoxit d-series-3, rejuvenator and protector. Cleans and improves conductivity
Fast acting deoxidizing solution cleans, improves conductivity, lubricates & protects.
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Venice 6.2 FS2026-2 - Module for connected audio systems with Internet radio/DAB/DAB+/DMB/FM
Venice 6.2 is a complete solution for Internet radio, UPnP network streaming, premium content services, DAB/DAB+/DMB-A and FM-RDS. It provides the simplest and lowest-cost solution for high-quality connected audio systems.

Venice 6.2 has been designed as part of a complete system including IR software version 2.0 and the Jupiter 6.2 platform.

Based around Frontier Silicon’s powerful Chorus 2 processor, Venice 6.2 streams radio and music files in a variety of formats including AAC+, MP3, Real, WMA and FLAC, enabling a new generation of stand-alone network-based audio products.

Frontier Silicon provides a complete set of evaluation and reference platforms, which can be used to enable rapid development of Venice 6.2 based systems.

FrontierSilicon  radio  DAB  electronics  datasheet  PDF 
yesterday by coffeebucket
VERONA 2 FS2445 - DAB/DAB+/FM digital radio module for Digital Tick compliant audio devices
Verona 2 is Frontier Silicon’s latest DAB/DAB+/FM custom digital radio module, designed to enable Digital Tick compliant products, using the new, highly integrated Kino 4 digital radio System on a Chip (SoC).

FrontierSilicon  DAB  electronics  datasheet  radio  PDF 
yesterday by coffeebucket
9 Useful Electronics Tools Under $13 | Cool Tools
9 Useful Electronics Tools Under $13 - Added July 18, 2018 at 10:37PM
electronics  tools 
yesterday by xenocid

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