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USB-C | RS Components
USB-C: the newest standard of USB connector available. With easier insertion, increased speed and power, USB-C will revolutionise every industry.
tinysystems  tinyhouse  tinybuild  electronics 
13 hours ago by joshuajabbour
Car Alarm, Car Stereo, Mobile Video, and Cruise Control Info for Installers
Free vehicle wiring diagrams and installation information for mobile electronics installers, featuring car stereo wiring, car alarm wiring, and remote start wiring.
cars  reference  wiring  automotive  car  electronics  diagrams  diy  auto  audio 
2 days ago by devnulled
Voltage Divider
interactive voltage divider calculator app for arduino analog sensors, from the guy who made the Joinery app
sensors  electronics  calculator  arduino 
2 days ago by robduarte

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