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OSH Park
PCB Prototype & Fabrication Manufacturer
4 hours ago by groenewege
Access the GPIO pins on a Pi Zero from your PC, or double the available GPIOs on a Pi 3!
rpi  zero  electronics  boot  raspbian 
18 hours ago by jonaslorander
The Lexra Story
A competitor to MIPS Technologies, MIPS used their patents on unaligned load/store to freeze them out of the market. Interestingly enough, the RealTek SDR chips are based around a Lexra CPU
MIPS  patents  us  history  electronics  hardware  microprocessors 
19 hours ago by mechazoidal
Elixir+Nerves for controlling your car (Part 1) – Konstantin Zolotarev – Medium
Warning ! All your modifications will cause issues with your car insurance. And may be dangerous ! Please work responsibly and think before doing something. Additional thank for Nerves team and…
elixir  embedded  electronics 
yesterday by ianweatherhogg
MIPS Goes Open Source | EE Times
I wonder if this is fallout from rampant MIPS pirating in china, such that it was effectively unstoppable, so might as well control the defacto standard via stewardship of the ISA in the open...
MIPS  ISA  opensource  hardware  electronics  devices  CPU  core 
yesterday by asteroza

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