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MacroFab | End-to-End Electronics Manufacturing & Operations
MacroFab specializes in manufacturing & assembling PCBs & electronic devices. From assembly to fulfillment, we take you from prototype to market.
electronics  hardware  pcb  manufacturing  assembly  diy  microcontrollers 
2 days ago by robduarte
Guitar Effects Schematics & Projects
Schematics for building your own pedals!
electronics  guitar 
3 days ago by jojobong
Is the Printed Circuit Board a Form of Musical Notation? | NewMusicBox
In other words: Is the printed circuit board a form of musical notation? And even if it isn’t, what can one glean from all those diodes, the cryptic copper lines, the tiny landscapes of circuitry?
music  electronics  pcb 
3 days ago by madamim

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