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«Klang» is a 4 voice polyphonic controller.
It stores, traverses and manipulates chord progressions.
Eurorack  synthesizer  music  electronic  modular 
2 days ago by squishyrobot
Dancecult: Journal of Electronic Dance Music Culture
Dancecult is a peer-reviewed, open-access e-journal for the study of electronic dance music culture (EDMC). A platform for interdisciplinary scholarship on the shifting terrain of EDMCs worldwide, the journal houses research exploring the sites, technologies, sounds and cultures of electronic music in historical and contemporary perspectives.
journal  electronic  dance  music  culture 
5 days ago by gdw
Dancecult Research Network
Dancecult Research Network (DRN) is an interdisciplinary network of academics, scholars and students researching all aspects of electronic dance music culture (EDMC). The DRN acknowledges that, from proto-disco through what is today labelled “EDM”, from the practice of the DJ to the present ubiquity of dance clubs, the aesthetics, politics and cultures of electronic dance music permeate underground and popular movements.
electronic  dance  music  culture  network 
5 days ago by gdw
CircuitVerse - Digital Circuit Simulator
Looks interesting. Open source? Haven't explored site yet.
electricity  electronic  simulator  circuit  tool 
14 days ago by brentfarwick
Cabbage Audio
Cabbage is a framework for audio software development.
Using simple markup text and the Csound audio synthesis language users can target Windows, OSX, Linux and Android with a single piece of source code.
audio  framework  library  music  synthesizer  electronic  programming  Csound 
14 days ago by squishyrobot

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