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Concise electronics for geeks | Michael Zlewski
A site that I happen across every five to eight years. Seriously. In any case, This guide hits the tricky middle area between rank beginner and mathematically obsessive, a surprisingly narrow band in the enthusiast circles.
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2 days ago by dogrover
Avey Tare - Eucalyptus
Very much like AnCo releases. On the quiet side. Weirdo vocals, inscrutable lyrics, soundwashes, and floating pseudo-rhythms. Some parts get somewhat distorted and dark, but overall, the mood is on the lighter side of instrospection.
music  electronic  singing  inaccessible 
4 days ago by joel.winkelman
Macho City | Acid Etch Recordings
Rhythmic, post-punk female singing. Urgent, and unsettling. Minimal song-structure, maximal rhythm. Not entirely unpleasant, but not easy-listening. Goes down somewhat askew.
music  electronic  drums  singing  inaccessible 
4 days ago by joel.winkelman

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