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486 Hertz: Ellen Arkbro Interview
Interview with Ellen Arkbro, discussing the making of "For Organ and Brass." Topics include meantone tuning, skeptical intervals, La Monte Young, SuperCollider music software, and the Stockholm experimental music scene.
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yesterday by johnmfrench
Galactic Travels
WDIY's Electronic, Ambient, and Space Music Program
music  show  electronica  wdiy  electronic  radio 
5 days ago by rsewan
Tanghetto - Wikipedia
Mentioned alongside Gotan Project and Bajofondo as Neuvo Tango proponents
tango  music  electronic  reference  culture  argentina 
12 days ago by csrollyson
FindChips: Electronic Components, Distributor Inventories, Datasheets
Access price, inventory, unique market intelligence and advanced analytics for all your parts.
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14 days ago by rsewan
Electronic Music Interactive, 2nd edition
Electronic Music Interactive v. 2 is a multimedia primer for electronic music that prepares students for more advanced study. Electronic Music Interactive v. 2 includes diagrams, interactive animations with sound, and a glossary that defines the content distributed across topic modules. Among the topics discussed are how sound is represented in the analog and digital domains, basic waveforms, basic synthesis modules, and MIDI. Students and teachers of electronic music everywhere are invited to try the new version of Electronic Music Interactive!
jeffrey  stolet  multimedia  primer  electronic  music  univ  oregon  kyma 
16 days ago by gdw
Mind The HeadSpace
Mind The HeadSpace
A revolving cast of DJs bringing you mixes showcasing the best in the more cerebral, experimental, and straight up weird side of Electronic (Dance) Music from Dallas, TX Hosted by Fropsi
electronic  music  podcast 
17 days ago by andyhuey
NIP 25 | Taylor Bratches by Neptunian Influence | Free Listening on SoundCloud
NIP 25 | Taylor Bratches by Neptunian Influence Neptunian Influence Podcast, Twenty-Five | Featuring @taylorbratches In anticipation of the third annual Neptunian Influence party during Movement in Detroit, we are delighted to present a mix by one of the DJs who will be serving up your musical brunch! Feast your ears on this Detroit-inspired soundscape for which Taylor Bratches says she put her "best electro foot forward." A lifelong poet and dancer, her relationship to rhythm is intimate and ever-evolving. By creating dynamic sets that range from breakbeat, electro, IDM and leftfield techno to more polyrhythmic and arhythmic varieties of dance music, she seeks to curate an experience for the mover that is both embodied and transcendent, terrestrial and extraterrestrial. She curates the podcast Walking and Falling, an extension of the Chicago-based / Smartbar-affiliated collective and mentorship program for female-identifying and non-binary DJs. Catch her at our party in Detroit this Saturday, May 25 alongside Carlos Souffront, ADAB and Leesh. On June 14, she'll debut at Smartbar alongside Powder, Kiddo & Sassmouth for Walking and Falling. Taylor and I met at the Walking and Falling mentorship program in October 2017 and we've been friends ever since. Cheers to our friendship and musical bond! | Tracklist | Arpanet - Gravitational Lens Simo Cell - Storm Seven Lithium Parasites - Sadomasochism Versalife - Normal Behavior? London Modular Alliance - Brockie Dek Anthony Rother - Hacker Andrea Parker - Invasion Detroit in Effect - Work It Kris Wadsworth - Infiltrator Illektrolab - Amnesia Hazed Pip Williams - Outer Limits 214 - Windeye London Modular Alliance - Advance and Proceed Skee Mask - Junt Versalife - Q/AD 214 - Potential Events Main Engine - Aes Khana Meet you in the Great Dark Spot <3
ifttt  soundcloud  Electronic  Techno  Detroit  LA  NY  Arpanet  Versalife  214  Illektrolab  Acid  Bass  "Neptunian  Influence"  "Taylor  Bratches"  "Walking  and  Falling"  "Simo  Cell"  "Lithium  Parasites" 
26 days ago by stringbot
Emancipator music, videos, stats, and photos | Last.fm
Listen to music from Emancipator like Greenland, Nevergreen & more. Find the latest tracks, albums, and images from Emancipator.
music  electronic  triphop 
4 weeks ago by po
Mysteries of the Deep CII - Mark Van Hoen by Mysteries of the Deep | Free Listening on SoundCloud
Mysteries of the Deep CII - Mark Van Hoen by Mysteries of the Deep Mysteries of the Deep Podcast, Chapter CII by @mark-van-hoen (Locust, Seefeel, Autocreation) Cover photo courtesy of Candace Price. Tracklist: 1. NHK yx Koyxen - 1038 Lo Oct Short 2. Pye Corner Audio - Core Sample 3. Beak> - Teisco 4. The Human League - The Path of Least Resistance (Early Version) 5. Chris & Cosey - Send the Magick Down 6. Delroy Edwards & Dean Blunt - Audio Track 01 7. Evan Caminiti - Refraction Praxis 8. Celer - Rains Lit By Neon 9. Black Sabbath - Planet Caravan 10. Dr. John - Gris-Gris Gumbo Ya Ya 11. Cocteau Twins - When Mama Was Moth 12. Jon Hassell - Dreaming 13. Low - Quorum 14. Fennesz - We Trigger The Sun 15. Craig Pruess & Ananda - Devi Prayer 16. JD Emmanuel - Expanding into the Universe 17. Kelly Moran - Autowave 18. Scala - Thirst 19. De Leon - A1 20. Ariel Kalma - Echorgan 21. Jako Maron - Batbaté Maloya 22. Amnesia Scanner & Bill Kouligas - Lexachast II 23. Ennio Morricone - Arrivo alla stazione 24. The Future - Cairo 25. Soliman Gamil - The New Nubia 26. Erik Wøllo - Under Water 27. Fun Boy Three - Sanctuary 28. Mark Van Hoen - No-One Leave http://bit.ly/2LVDxFK
ifttt  soundcloud  Electronic  Experimental  Mysteries  "Mark  Van  Hoen"  favorite 
4 weeks ago by stringbot
Patterns of Perception 50 - Peter Van Hoesen by Patterns of Perception | Free Listening on SoundCloud
Patterns of Perception 50 - Peter Van Hoesen by Patterns of Perception As an electronic music artist, @petervanhoesen needs little introduction. A techno veteran renowned for his innovation and creativity, Peter has spent his career balancing the cerebral and the physical, in line with his ethos of producing ‘mental body music’. Most recently, his musical inspiration has come from the halcyon days of the Belgian electronic music scene in the 1990s. This new focus was the result of a period of self-reflection for Peter, in which he determined that the mental side was starting to outweigh the physical in both his own music and within segments of the wider techno scene. To bring the balance back, he started the Center 91 label, and upped the urgency, groove and BPMs of his world-spanning DJ sets. Patterns of Perception 50 is a snapshot of Peter’s refreshed, idyllic vision of techno, an intricate tapestry of visceral psychedelia and compelling rhythms. It perfectly captures and illustrates the balance of mind and body music that has been the cornerstone of his work to date. Read our full interview with Peter here: http://bit.ly/2LUV9l6 Links: @petervanhoesen http://bit.ly/2WfGbdc twitter.com/petervanhoesen http://bit.ly/2LULZEW www.t2x.eu/ @time_to_express http://bit.ly/2WfFvEE
ifttt  soundcloud  Electronic  Hypnotic  Belgium  "Peter  Van  Hoesen"  "Time  To  Express"  "Center  91"  favorite 
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The Cosmic Crossings concerts are a series of electronic music events held at the Unitarian Universalist Church at Washington Crossing (aka UUCWC.) Tickets for each show are $10, and all proceeds benefit the UUCWC, which kindly provides the venue for the series. Each concert showcases live performances by electronic musicians and bands from all over the world, playing ambient, experimental, and space music, accompanied by unique lighting and multimedia visual effects.
synth  series  philadelphia  concert  electronic  music 
4 weeks ago by rsewan

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