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Beyond The Browser: From Web Apps To Desktop Apps
I started out as a web developer, and that’s now one part of what I do as a full-stack developer, but never had I imagined I’d create things for the desktop. I love the web. I love how altruistic our community is, how it embraces open-source, testing and pushing the envelope. I love discovering beautiful websites and powerful apps. When I was first tasked with creating a desktop app, I was apprehensive and intimidated. It seemed like it would be difficult, or at least… different.
8 hours ago by vancura
"Superpowers is an HTML5 development environment for making 2D and 3D games.
It can be extended with plugins and lets you collaborate in real-time."
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2 days ago by trewbot
The web is swallowing the desktop whole and nobody noticed
"The web is swallowing the desktop whole and nobody noticed", coming to mobile next. Turbolinks + native nav = ❤
4 days ago by zchi

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