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Electro Stocks | Líder nacional de distribución de material eléctrico
Grupo Electro Stocks, con más de 35 años de éxito, se fundó en 1981 en Barcelona. Desde entonces, se ha desarrollado hasta convertirse en líder nacional de la distribución de material eléctrico.

Desde sus inicios, Grupo Electro Stocks, se ha caracterizado por su cultura de servicio y orientación al cliente que le ha permitido año tras año aumentar su participación en el mercado de distribución de material eléctrico.

En la actualidad, mantiene una presencia amplia en toda la geografía española mediante sus dos enseñas comerciales (Electro-Stocks, Kilovatio Galicia y Fluid-Stocks), 1 centro logístico, 68 puntos de venta, 1 oficina central y un colectivo de más de 900 colaboradores que le permiten cubrir las necesidades de sus clientes en 30 provincias, representativas del 80% de la población.
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EFOY COMFORT-fuel cells - environmentally friendly and quiet | EFOY
EFOY COMFORT’s efficient fuel cells are clean power for caravans / mobile homes, boats and cabins. Compatible for hybrid operation.
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Electric Cars Face a $6 Trillion Barrier to Widespread Adoption - Bloomberg
"The bottom line that is we’re at least five years away from bringing the price of a good electric car down to that of comparable conventional one, without factoring in tax credits and subsidies."
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Ask Umbra’s 21-Day Apathy Detox | Grist
"Does this sound like anyone you know? “Dear Umbra: Since November — and really, for as long as I’ve known about the threat of climate change — I’ve been plagued by this sense of hopelessness and foreboding, and I just can’t shake it. I’ve tried it all: Late-night Facebook fights, splurging on fancy salads, retreats in the woods where I scream at a tree. Now I’m just parked on the couch watching Sex and the City reruns. Can I learn to hope again?” Well, you’ve found the right advice columnist. I’m here to quietly change your Facebook password and not-so-quietly offer the best tools, tricks, and advice to help you fight for a planet that doesn’t burn and a future that doesn’t suck. You’ll build civic muscles, find support buddies, and better your community!

DAY 1: Make a plan
DAY 2: Meet your neighbors
DAY 3: Social media makeover
DAY 4: Support local news
DAY 5: Read up on justice
DAY 6: Protest like a pro
DAY 7: Give green
DAY 8: Ditch the excuses
DAY 9: Green your power sources
DAY 10: Fight city hall
DAY 11: Get offline
DAY 12: Drop dirty money
DAY 13: School food fight!
DAY 14: Vote local
DAY 15: Attack your meat habit
DAY 16: Bug your elected rep
DAY 17: Buy less
DAY 18: Push for affordable housing
DAY 19: Talk climate at the bar
DAY 20: Support the arts
DAY 21: Run for office"

[via: https://go.grist.org/webmail/399522/223022613/dcfc605c05717cdbc5988a2c4d1a5fd7309a781b8364159d968011b54bd8b93b]

[See also (from the same newsletter):

https://grist.org/article/scientists-calmly-explain-that-civilization-is-at-stake-if-we-dont-act-now/ ]
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How Russian hackers almost shut down UK's power grid on election day
On June 8, 2017, as millions of Britons headed for the polling stations to vote in the General Election, a series of innocuous emails arrived in the inboxes of people working in the UK energy industry.
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