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Where Did All The Watts Go? | Big Mess o' Wires
The comments dig into some of how to understand power ratings on power supplies. Having done similar head-scratching when speccing the 240A 5V supply for Play the Tree, this is likely to be a handy refresher in future.
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22 hours ago by amcewen
Resilience and ingenuity – a Tajik teacher's hydroelectric station made from Soviet scraps | Aeon Videos
In doing so, the film is both a chronicle of his remarkable life and a robust reminder that genius is not confined to the places where it is most lavishly rewarded and popularly celebrated.
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2 days ago by aries1988
Crazy maths makes nonsense of Irish climate change policy
'John FitzGerald on madness of Ireland burning peat for electricity:

'the current subsidy per job involved is at least €100,000 a year. The Bord na Móna annual report indicates that, in the year 2016/2017, its workers’ average pay was €50,000. In other words, the subsidy per job is around twice what the workers involved actually earn.

If the peat-fired power stations were closed tomorrow, and the workers involved continued to be employed on their current wages, subsidising these jobs would only cost €50 million, not €100 million. Electricity consumers would pay less to subsidise these jobs, and Ireland’s greenhouse gas emissions would fall substantially as a result of discontinuing this polluting fuel use.'

We should plan for closure by 2020 of peat-fired electricity generation:

–greatly benefit environment;
–save electricity consumers money;
–protect livelihoods.
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2 days ago by jm

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