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The GOP’s Suburban Nightmare - POLITICO Magazine
Between 2000 and 2010, the number of racially diverse suburbs increased by 37 percent, growing at a faster clip than majority-white suburbs,
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If The Left Wins Their Soft Coup, Everyone Loses - But Mostly Them - Kurt Schlichter
Here’s how this goes: If you end the rule of law, you begin the rule of power, and the rule of power means the folks with the most guns rule. Do they think the predominantly red state soldiers of our military are going to murder other Americans and risk their own lives to secure the unearned power of a bunch of Chardonnay-swilling liberals and their fakecon lackeys?

If they knew any soldiers, they would know the answer.

Before it’s too late and before you’ve done damage that can’t be undone, give up this dream of some extra-constitutional dues ex Mueller to overturn the election you lost. Turn away from this insanity before it’s too late, because straightforward from here is chaos.
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4 days ago by astrogirl
Democrats are still obsessed with Jill Stein. They should start obsessing over nonvoters instead.
"But," you may protest, "Donald Trump won by a margin smaller than the number of Green Party votes in key states, particularly the Upper Midwest!" And you're right, that's true. Take Michigan: Trump won Michigan by 13,225 votes, while Jill Stein walked away with 51,463 votes. Clearly, if all of those people had voted for Hillary Clinton instead of Stein, Clinton would have won Michigan. (Whether Stein votes ought to be otherwise considered shoo-in Democrat votes is a separate matter.)

If these are the only variables of interest to us — the number of ballots affirmatively cast for Trump, Clinton, Stein, and maybe Johnson — then yeah, the Stein-as-spoiler argument makes some sense. But here's another number, one that ought to change your perspective: 87,810. That's how many Michigan voters showed up to the polls, cast ballots, and declined to vote for a presidential candidate at all.


Can we blame California for Trump?

The perils of reflexively politicizing tragedy
That compares to 49,840 such "undervotes" in 2012. It was a veritable phenomenon last year — people stood in line and performed their civic duty, but simply abstained from marking a preference for commander in chief. An analysis published by The Washington Post tallied 1.7 million undervotes in 33 states. The number was up in most states, they concluded, by an average of 2.5 times as much as in 2012.
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4 days ago by perich
I worked for Obama, but I’m going to Trump’s tech meeting. Here’s why. - The Washington Post

Politics isn’t government, and governing isn’t someone else’s problem. It’s ours.
4 days ago by mrled
Jay Sekulow: Comey Committed a Federal Crime
"Here's the real issue," he continued. "The contents of that memo, the substance of it, anyways, was already reported in the New York Times the day before the president tweeted anything. And then, Sean, he goes under oath and says 'I did this to get a special counsel' -- which, by the way, is impaneled the next day!"

"Outrageous!" Sean cried.

"No, no. It's more than outrageous," Sekulow replied. "It's a crime."

He said that any FBI agent who leaked a memo like that to the media would go to jail.

Gregg Jarrett, a Fox News host and attorney, also argued that Comey is in legal jeopardy because the memos were government property.

"Comey said these were his personal documents. No, they're not!" Jarrett exclaimed. "They're government property. Just read the Federal Records Act and the Record Management Act and the Privacy Act -- which is actually published on the FBI website."

Jarrett said Code 641 "makes it a crime to convert government property and convey it to somebody else. That's punishable by ten years behind bars." He added that "in addition to that, he signed a non-disclosure agreement that said, 'I will not disclose records or raw data.' Well, he did precisely that."
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9 days ago by astrogirl
Advice on how to talk to the white working class.
And I think Democrats didn’t do anything effective in response to that. What the Clinton campaign did, and at last what I see all too many Democrats still doing, is just attacking Trump, attacking Trump, attacking Trump. Which, in my view is just going to make Trump stronger among this key group of voters. I think what we need to do, and what this book is designed to help people do, is to identify what is a legitimate economic grievance that the white working class has.
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9 days ago by astrogirl
An early test of my theories | george-hawley
The article is from January 2016, and the guy predicts that "the conservative anti-Trump crusade," most notably illustrated by National Review's special issue, would be largely "ineffectual." Politics has changed.
11 days ago by mario.d
Comey’s ‘truth’ crusade is really an anti-Trump one | New York Post
For example, in his prepared remarks, Comey said Trump made a “request” that he drop the Flynn probe and quoted the president saying “I hope you can let this go.”

But in Comey’s answers to senators’ questions, Trump’s request became “an order,” with Comey saying, “I took it as a direction.”

When a senator asked if he considered language like “I hope” as a presidential directive, Comey likened himself to a player in a medieval martyr drama, saying, “Yes, it kind of rings in my ears as, ‘Will no one rid me of this meddlesome priest?’ ”

Those are supposedly the words an English king used in 1170 about the Archbishop of Canterbury. Soon, knights loyal to the king murdered Thomas Becket.

This is beyond theatrics. Comey’s claim that he was ordered to end the Flynn probe is the heart of the case that Trump obstructed justice.

Yet it’s a stretch for several reasons. First, Comey testified as head of the FBI on May 3, long after his key meetings with Trump, that he was never asked to end an investigation for political reasons, saying, “It’s not happened in my experience.” Now fired, he’s changed his tune.
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