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Negative Piety - American Affairs Journal
Last fall, I signed a letter in support of Trump for president. Some of my friends were appalled; others thought such a public endorsement unwise. These were not unreasonable reactions. Today’s populism has a revolutionary character, and revolutions are perilous. But I was and remain convinced that we cannot live in metaphysical poverty. We need to be empowered by loyalties and devotions that stir our hearts. Populism may be dangerous, but it reflects the correct intuition that my country and my citizenship cannot be bought and sold, nor can it be subordinated to institutions and agencies devoted solely to the protection and promotion of individual rights.
[Donald Trump as a remedy for metaphysical poverty. Just when you think you’ve heard it all... ]
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Rule of Law — Once an American Value – Rick Fischer – Medium
Since 2009 and before, many people have been prosecuted for minor incidents of mishandling classified documents, some of which documents were only declared classified after the fact, and none of those people had any intention to commit that crime. Yet they were all prosecuted, most convicted, some imprisoned.
* A young sub sailor took a selfie of himself at his workstation and sent it home to his folks. The picture was later declared classified. He was prosecuted.
* An officer on the Afghan battlefield sent an email about an imminent threat to his men to his superiors. That email was later declared to be classified, and the email server it was sent on was not cleared for classified email. He was prosecuted.
* An intelligence agent went home without first clearing his desk of all classified documents. For that carelessness, he was prosecuted.
There are plenty more cases, but you get the point. The law that was applied to these men and many more like them was NOT applied to Hillary Clinton or Huma Abedin, whose transgressions were vastly greater in number and seriousness. Abedin transferred thousands of State Department documents to her husband’s computer; he had no clearance to see those documents and his computer was completely unprotected. She was not prosecuted. Neither was Clinton prosecuted for using a private home server for State Department documents. Huma and Hillary are too well connected.
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