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Here's How Breitbart And Milo Smuggled White Nationalism Into The Mainstream
Alt-White: How the Breitbart machine laundered racist hate

A cache of documents obtained by BuzzFeed News reveals the truth about Steve Bannon’s alt-right “killing machine.”
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9 days ago by sandykoe
Triumph of the Shill | Issue 29 | n+1
THE PECULIARITY OF THE ART OF THE DEAL—and what lent Trump’s candidacy its puzzling allure (a plutocrat denouncing plutocrats, an effect of wealth decrying the effects of wealth, a man of the market denigrating the virtue of the market)—is how it simultaneously advances the right’s competing visions of the market. On the one hand, it celebrates the economy as the sphere of great men, where the strong dominate the weak. On the other hand, it mounts a persistent, almost poignant, questioning of the value of capitalism, suggesting that economic pursuits are frivolous if not meaningless, and that a society should be about more than making money.
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9 days ago by perich
Feminists and the Clinton Question - The New York Times | Bill Clinton | United States Government
This notorious Op-Ed from Gloria Steinem, defending Bill Clinton's sexcapades, was published in the NY Times on March 22, 1998. It has since been taken down. The original link is broken. It appears nowhere in the Times's online archives. It's simply gone.

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14 days ago by mario.d
Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin: Clinton Victory Could Require Bloodshed - The Atlantic
The Tea Party has since splintered. Despite powering a huge Republican wave in the 2010 midterm elections, it was unable to prevent Barack Obama’s reelection in 2012. Some elements are now represented in the hardline House Freedom Caucus. Other strains of Tea Party thought have resurfaced in Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.
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19 days ago by Marcellus
Your critique that FiveThirtyEight misfired on the 2016 race is wrong - The Washington Post
The L.A. Times had a poll that consistently showed Trump winning the election and, after Trump won, many pointed to it as unusually successful in a bad year for polling. But that poll essentially had Trump winning the popular vote by a wide margin, which he didn’t. It got the result right, inadvertently, but was actually one of the worst polls of the cycle.
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23 days ago by sandykoe
Trump’s Empty Culture Wars - The New York Times
A good culture war is one that, beneath all the posturing and demagogy and noise, has clear policy implications, a core legal or moral question, a place where one side can win a necessary victory or where a new consensus can be hashed out. A bad culture war is one in which attitudinizing, tribalism and worst-case fearmongering float around unmoored from any specific legal question, in which mutual misunderstanding reigns and a thousand grievances are stirred up without a single issue being clarified or potentially resolved.

Unfortunately for us all Donald Trump is a master, a virtuoso, of the second kind of culture war — and a master, too, of taking social and cultural debates that could be important and necessary and making them stupider and emptier and all about himself.

He is not the only figure pushing American arguments in that direction — cable news, reality TV, campus protesters and late-night political “comedy” all have a similar effect these days. But he is the president, which lends him a unique deranging influence, and he is unique as well in that unlike most culture warriors — who are usually initially idealists, however corrupted they may ultimately become — he has never cared about anything higher or nobler than himself, and so he’s never happier than when the entire country seems to be having a culture war about, well, Donald Trump.
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25 days ago by ayjay
Same As It Ever Was: Hillary Clinton’s Bedtime Stories
As the primary contests proceeded and Sanders gathered steam and couldn’t be so easily ignored, press attacks on his campaign increased and became increasingly vicious and even less grounded in reality. Endymion mentions some notorious incidents, such as the Washington Post’s decision to run no less than 16 anti-Sanders stories in the 16 hours leading into the critical Michigan primary and the time the editors of the New York Times pulled from the paper’s website a positive story examining Sanders’ legislative record, rewrote it into an anti-Sanders hit-piece then republished it without ever indicating any change had been made. After Sanders completely destroyed Clinton in Wisconsin, the frustrated Clintonites launched a campaign to present Sanders as unqualified to be president. Sanders responded to this attack by turning it back on itself and the press corps, at the urging of the Clinton campaign issued a collective gasp and spent a week insisting Sanders had said Clinton was unqualified to be president and trashing him for it.
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27 days ago by astrogirl

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