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Why We Can’t Quit Hillary: The Comey Delusion – The Young Turks – Medium
Even now, over six months later and with recriminations still flying, the blame for the Comey Letter gets heaped on Comey, rather than the people whose actions necessitated the existence of the Comey Letter, such as Anthony Weiner, Huma Abedin, and of course Hillary Clinton. Hillary and her boosters spent most of 2015 and 2016 denying that there was any criminal investigation in the first place; they obfuscated and deflected, euphemistically referring to the investigation as a “security review” — even as we later found out that it was a criminal investigation precipitated explicitly by Hillary’s conduct, and that the purpose of the investigation was in part to ascertain whether any criminal offenses had been committed by Hillary herself.
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Integrity: The Real Source Of Division In America’s Political Left
I would have assumed that anyone with a vested interest in the future success of the Democratic party would be doing everything they can to try and get everyone to forget about their unelectable joke of a candidate as quickly as possible so that they can maybe start winning some elections someday, but nothing could be further from the truth.
The thing is — and their echo chamber consistently refuses to acknowledge this — the thing that they are trying to manipulate is ultimately the deep state. Underneath all the partisan games is the unelected power establishment that is currently controlling both major parties with nearly complete domination. They’re trying to out-manipulate the sitting champions of manipulation using a political party that’s controlled by the same manipulations as its opposition, which is a lot like trying to towel off while submerged underwater.
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comprehensive report out today confirms agency's previous assessment - no major voting irregu…
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Why Conservative Evangelicals Like Trump - The Atlantic
How could so many conservative Christians have voted for a thrice-married casino mogul who has bragged about assaulting women and rarely goes to church? Some commentators have speculated that perhaps these voters weren’t all that “evangelical” to begin with. “Many cultural Christians who never go to church identify as ‘evangelical’ or ‘born-again,’ ” suggested one conservative Christian blogger. A writer in The Nation emphasized evangelicals’ concern about future nominations to the Supreme Court: “If you can rally voters around abortion, few other issues matter.” Other observers credited plain old party loyalty or wondered whether this election proved that religion doesn’t matter very much anymore. So many voters seemed motivated by economic and racial grievances and resentment of Washington elites, not faith.
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9 days ago by ritzluna
Fear of Diversity Made People More Likely to Vote Trump | The Nation
Increasingly, class is simply not a meaningful dimension along which American politics is fought. In our regressions, income predicted support for McCain and Romney, but not Trump.
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