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Bernie Sanders Surging In Kentucky’s Donation Dollars | Kentucky Center for Investigative Reporting
Explore donations given to the 2016 presidential candidates by Kentucky citizens. These numbers will be updated regularly.
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april 2016 by jatrimar
Despite public's concern, more money than ever flows into campaigns | Pew Research Center
Great charts on election spending per year.

"Americans of different political persuasions may not agree on much, but one thing they do agree on is that money has a greater – and mostly negative – influence on politics than ever before."
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march 2016 by jatrimar
The great money-in-politics myth
Interesting Vox article about how getting money out of politics doesn't necessarily shift things to the left. Examples include Maine and
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march 2016 by jatrimar
Do Clean Elections Increase Competitiveness? Research Says Probably Not | The Maine Wire
"Similar to the GAO and Stanford reports, Powell also found a slight decrease in the margin of victory, but acknowledged that the finding was statistically insignificant. More damning, Powell found that incumbent reelection rates remain unchanged under MCEA. According to Powell, incumbents were actually more likely to win reelection if they accepted public financing."
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december 2015 by jatrimar

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