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The job interview of the future is already here
They suggested people’s lives would no longer be ruled by the three stages of education, work and retirement. Faced with the need to keep hobbling in to work into their 80s in an age of rising disruption, they would probably have to take a break to retrain and reinvent themselves. I like the idea they might do a very different type of job interview as well.

McKinsey’s island game was built for the firm by a US start-up called Imbellus whose 20-something founder, Rebecca Kantar, wants to drastically reshape the way we measure people’s abilities. Kantar is a Harvard dropout who thinks that in an age of rising automation, people should be tested on how they think, not just what they know, and employers need to understand the skills that define human intelligence. A lot of influential people are backing her. Forbes has just ranked her company one of the highest funded start-ups for 2019 by a founder under the age of 30.

McKinsey is right to be testing her ideas but it should not stop there. We all need to know how these theories really work in practice. – Copyright The Financial Times Limited 2018
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Made-to-measure decals - About - True Doors - The story behind the door
True Doors are a simple idea with a big effect that improve the quality of life for people with dementia.

True Doors are made to measure decals with photos of actual doors. Residents at nursing homes select their own decals. As a result:

Residents recognise and find their own doors
Reminiscence and social interaction is stimulated
Facilities feel more like homes
Residents' identities and life stories are brought to the fore
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Older Americans Are Flocking to Medical Marijuana - The New York Times
so many Laguna Woods seniors use medical cannabis — for ailments ranging from arthritis and diabetes nerve pain to back injuries and insomnia — that the local dispensary, Bud and Bloom, charters a free bus to bring residents to its Santa Ana location to stock up on supplies. Along with a catered lunch, the bus riders get a seniors discount.
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9 days ago by craniac
Old-age homes boost Japan’s soft power in China - Chaguan
Despite a troubled relationship, Chinese value Japan’s expertise in caring for the elderly
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