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Elegant error handling with the JavaScript Either Monad
JavaScript gives us a built-in language feature for handling exceptions: try…catch statements. And they're better than littering our code with if-statements. But they can be problematic. And they are not the only way to handle errors. In this article, we’ll take a look at using the ‘Either monad’ as an alternative to try…catch.
functional-programming  functional  programming  javascript  monad  error-handling  either 
8 weeks ago by lenards
Lowry’s body of work hard to beat in Raptors history | The Star
Now, let’s get this right: We’re not talking about the greatest player to ever wear a Toronto uniform. Peak Leonard, who arrived in town last fall and laid down an MVP-worthy season if not for the 22 games off for precautionary rest, is hard to beat; his Game 7 buzzer-beater is the greatest single act in franchise history by a mile. And peak Vinsanity, wherein Carter put up the second-best Player Efficiency Rating in the NBA behind Shaquille O’Neal in 2000-01, was awfully impressive, too. Bosh was a five-time all-star as a Raptor, but he never won a playoff series before he bolted for Miami.

But as for compiling a career body of work while based in Toronto — if Lowry winds up in an NBA final, it’ll be difficult to make a case his isn’t the heftiest on record.

Wednesday’s heroics certainly bolstered the case. His 30 points came on 7-for-9 shooting from three-point range and a mere 15 shots all told. He played 40 minutes at age 33 and suddenly looked like a younger version of himself. Sadly for the club, he was the only player on the visiting roster to score a field goal in Toronto’s dim fourth quarter.

Now the question is this: After Lowry’s teammates squandered his incredible effort — Raptors not named Lowry combined to shoot a pathetic 8-for-33 from three-point range — what are the odds the Raptors find a way to get past the Bucks? Milwaukee didn’t exactly bring its A game, either, on Wednesday; they shot just 25 per cent from three-point range, well below average for a team that bases its offence on the three-ball.

And it’s become apparent that there are plenty of key pieces in Raptorland who, like Lowry, no longer possess the gift of young legs.

“The season’s a gruelling season,” Lowry told reporters in Milwaukee on Thursday. “We get paid a lot of money to do this, we get paid to prepare ourselves for these types of moments and we get paid to prepare to be ready and to play the best we can no matter what. But that being said, there are a lot of minutes out there that we’re playing. There is some fatigue.”
incredible  effort  Raptors  named  combined  shoot  pathetic  8-for-33  what  are  odds  find  way  past  Bucks?  Milwaukee  didn’t  exactly  bring  its  either  Wednesday;  they  shot  just  25  per  cent  well  below  average  team  that  bases  offence  three-ball.  it’s  become  apparent  there  plenty  key  pieces  Raptorland  no  longer  possess  gift  young  legs.  “The  season’s  gruelling    told  reporters  Thursday.  “We  paid  lot  money  do  we  prepare  ourselves  these  types  moments  ready  play  best  can  matter  what.  being  said  out  playing.  some  fatigue.” 
9 weeks ago by raptorsrepublic
Elegant error handling with the JavaScript Either Monad
JavaScript gives us a built-in language feature for handling exceptions: try…catch statements. And they're better than littering our code with if-statements. But they can be problematic. And they are not the only way to handle errors. In this article, we’ll take a look at using the ‘Either monad’ as an alternative to try…catch.
functional.js  either  weekly.rc 
9 weeks ago by studiomohawk
Functional companion to Kotlin's Standard Library
arrow  fp  either  kotlin 
december 2018 by lgtout
You Either love it or you haven’t used it, yet. – Lubos Mudrak – Medium
It has been some time since I was introduced to Either type by my friend (now ex-coworker). At that time I knew literally nothing about monads and their role in world of functional programming, so I…
kotlin  functional  programming  either  fp 
december 2018 by lgtout
Should You Put a Comma Before 'Too,' 'Either,' or 'Also'? | Grammar Underground with June Casagrande
“How do you know whether to use them? Well, many experts point out that the comma before a ‘too’ or ‘either’ can give it extra emphasis, setting it off from the pack and letting it stand alone. By skipping the comma, you deemphasize the ‘too’ by integrating it into the sentence.

“If you’re looking for a guideline, use the comma when you want the extra emphasis. Otherwise, skip it. Me, I find that old habits die hard. I’ll continue to use commas before ‘too,’ ‘also,’ and ‘either’ whenever possible.”
either  too  commas  grammar  language  2018 
november 2018 by handcoding
The assault weapons ban didn't work. A new version won't, either
In which we look into the claim of a 37% decrease in mass shootings.....
ifttt  facebook  The  assault  weapons  ban  didn't  work.  A  new  version  won't  either 
march 2018 by deidson
mfix22/eitherx: Your go-to, prescribed, error-boundary component for React
eitherx - :pill: Your go-to, prescribed, error-boundary component for React
eitherx  either  react  error-boundaries 
october 2017 by jimthedev

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