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Stephen Wolfram, A New Kind of Science
Thus Martin Gardner's classic description of the crank scientist in the first chapter of his Fads and Fallacies. In lieu of superfluous comments, let us pass on to Gardner's list of the "five ways in which the sincere pseudo-scientist's paranoid tendencies are likely to be exhibited."

He considers himself a genius.
He regards his colleagues, without exception, as ignorant blockheads. Everyone is out of step except himself....
He believes himself unjustly persecuted and discriminated against....
He has strong compulsions to focus his attacks on the greatest scientists and the best-established theories. When Newton was the outstanding name in physics, eccentric works in that science were violently anti-Newton. Today, with Einstein the father-symbol of authority, a crank theory of physics is likely to attack Einstein in the name of Newton....
He often has a tendency to write in a complex jargon, in many cases making use of terms and phrases he himself has coined....

(1) is clearly true. (2) is clearly true. (3) is currently false, or at least not much on display in this book. (4) is clearly true, though Wolfram, befitting someone who was once a respectable physicist, aims to undermine Newton and Einstein, indeed the entire tradition of physical science since Galileo. (5) is true only to a very small degree (mercifully).

When the crank's I.Q. is low, as in the case of the late Wilber Glenn Voliva who thought the earth shaped like a pancake, he rarely achieves much of a following. But if he is a brilliant thinker, he is capable of developing incredibly complex theories. He will be able to defend them in books of vast erudition, with profound observations, and often liberal portions of sound science. His rhetoric may be enormously persuasive. All the parts of his world usually fit together beautifully, like a jig-saw puzzle.

The natural result is a cult following
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Some mischievous element to this.
How can it be that his claim about discovering gr…
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Extreme black hole vindicates Einstein (again)
A detailed look at the supermassive black hole in our galaxy’s core is the latest attempt to push our knowledge of gravity to the limit.
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170 citations d'Albert Einstein. Les plus courtes sont en premier.
Un être humain est une partie limitée dans le temps et l’espace, il fait l’expérience de ses pensées et de ses sentiments comme quelque chose séparée du reste, une sorte d’illusion d’optique de la conscience. Cette illusion est pour lui une prison qui le limite à ses désirs personnels et à l’affection pour les quelques personnes de son entourage. Sa tâche est de se libérer par lui-même de cette prison en élargissant son cercle de compassion jusqu’à y inclure toutes les créatures vivantes et la nature entière dans toute sa beauté.
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Einstein’s Entanglements | Articles | Inference: International Review of Science
Collected here are three short pieces on Albert Einstein’s evolving views toward quantum theory, Einstein and J. Robert Oppenheimer’s contrasting conclusions about the creation of black holes, and Einstein’s longstanding friendship with Michele Besso.
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Today was official Day 1 😍 Naturally, I marked it with a with a famous scientist 😂 Lookin…
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Einstein's Concept of Gravity ( Read ) | Physics | CK-12 Foundation
Visualizing Einstein’s Ideas

Einstein derived his theory using mathematics. However, you can get a good grasp of it with the help of a simple visual analogy. Imagine a bowling ball pressing down on a trampoline. The surface of the trampoline would curve downward instead of being flat. Now imagine placing a lighter ball at the edge of the trampoline. What will happen? It will roll down toward the bowling ball. This apparent attraction to the bowling ball occurs because the trampoline curves downward, not because the two balls are actually attracted to one another by an invisible force called gravity.
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As we celebrate the 100th anniversary of the first test of 's theory of General Relativity by deflection o…
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