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Infovore » An e-ink screen for a room
lovely writeup of a right-sized little e-ink/Pi side project
diy  raspberrypi  eink 
22 hours ago by madamim
Creating a Very Slow Movie Player – Member Feature Stories – Medium
wonder if some software optimization could let it run on a smaller system or more basic processor even a microcontroller?
ambient  art  images  display  eink  projects  :tomake? 
5 days ago by reedhedges
mcauser/micropython-waveshare-epaper: MicroPython drivers for Waveshare e-paper modules
MicroPython drivers for Waveshare e-paper modules. Contribute to mcauser/micropython-waveshare-epaper development by creating an account on GitHub.
nodemcu  epaper  eink 
9 days ago by jklapinski
reMarkable | The paper tablet
A table made to be very like paper. Designed to take notes.
tablet  eink 
10 days ago by mzyk83
joukos/PaperTTY: PaperTTY - Python module to render a TTY on e-ink
PaperTTY - Python module to render a TTY on e-ink. Contribute to joukos/PaperTTY development by creating an account on GitHub.
eink  raspberry-pi 
12 days ago by jklapinski
Very Slow Movie Player
an amazing art proejct to render movies slowly on e-ink screens a frame a time. This is a great project writeup as well!
technology  art  eink  shared 
12 days ago by davidnunez
Paperino @ Crowd Supply
An easy-to-use, micro ePaper shield for the Particle & Arduino community. Paperino simplifies driving ePaper displays with clean, simple, and short script examples. This lets makers of all ages - from kids learning Arduino, to engineers and developers building with Particle, use ePapers for their next project!
epaper  eink  display  arduino 
14 days ago by cyberchucktx
Creating a Very Slow Movie Player – Member Feature Stories – Medium
Watching a film at a fraction of its original speed on an ePaper screen can completely change the perception of the movie, its context, and time itself.
slow  movie  player  eink  maker  screen  film  vsmp 
16 days ago by jonrandy

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